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Seiken Densetsu 3 - Fanart/Commission by danielbogni
Samus escape by Limdog
Milotic by dekunobou-kizakura
We like Ike by longai
Super Mario
Isometric Nostalgia: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon by Hugo-H2P
Isometric Nostalgia: Luigi's Mansion by Hugo-H2P
Luigi's Pokemansion 01 by DasGnomo
Mario Tennis Aces by Joelchan
The Legend of Zelda
Majora's Mask - Skull Kid by hadece
Majora's Mask - The Purest Hero by Olyvee
Link by Christian-Angel
Breath of the Wild - Santa Zelda by Olyvee
Samus Returns by yagaminoue
Samus - The Entrance by SirTiefling
Samus escape by Limdog
Samus Aran by DidiLuneStudio
:C:Crystal Cave by KoriArredondo
PORYGON-Z: The game by ZEBES
-Vaporeon and Ninetales- by arvalis
Eeveeluzine: Espeon by Seyumei
Ace Attorney
Ace Adventurers by yagaminoue
Pierce Nichody by hakkasm
God of Death by nauticalfantasy
.:Ace Attorney:. Simon Blackquill by LainyLu
Animal Crossing
ACNL - Trick or Treat! by aquanut
One face a day #39/365. Villager (Animal Crossing) by Dylean
~ by Pumpkinyama
Tabby, no! by Pumpkinyama
Baten Kaitos
Baten Kaitos - City of Flowers by StarsAndOceans
Baten Kaitos - Kalas by Dareedse
Milliarde by Aliciane
Baten Kaitos: Parnasse merchant by acetea-san
Chrono Trigger
Down with the Kingdom by Rithinor
Chrono Trigger by longai
Fragments Of Time by theSadSrook
Chrono Trigger Final by RobDuenas
Give My Regards to the Next Frog You Meet by KitlingLD
Earthbound Threed by silverflamng
Ness and The Meteor by silverflamng
Masked Man by Edo--sama
Donkey Kong
Videogame Beauty : DK by GisAlmeida
Fire Emblem
Bernadetta Fire Emblem Three Houses by xCappu
Golden Sun
Golden Sun Generation by Thaumana
Kid Icarus
Chef Kirby by Sleepless-Piro
Stolen Sword - Megaman - Capcom by DasGnomo
Muramasa The Demon Blade - Momohime by GENZOMAN
Monster Hunter
Zinogre by dekunobou-kizakura
NMH, Killer7
Alice Twilight by sketchtastrophe
Okami: generations by sweetsasu
Veteran Astronaut by Kozakana
Professor Layton
Puzzle No. 1: Cogs by CarinaT
Mecha Sonic by yoshiyaki
Secret of Mana
Seiken Densetsu 3 - Fanart/Commission by danielbogni
Unsupervised Inklings by Cardbordtoaster
Star Fox
Meet by miles-df
Tales of
Sheena Fujibayashi - Tales of Symphonia by TheTakemi
Other games
Astral Chain - Akira Howard by Olyvee
Crossovers incl SSB
Crash v Spyro | CTR by Ry-Spirit


We are currently suffering from personnel shortage, we apologize for any submitted works that have expired! Feel free to resubmit any works that we might have missed! If you would like to help running the group, have a look at our pinned journal entry bellow.


This is a group with quality standards. You'll find our Gallery Guidelines here. For Cosplay and Crafts' Guidelines look here members have to fulfill these standards.
To become a member, please link one of your best nintendo fan artworks in the join request's message box (not its comment section)
Please use .deviantart links, not :thumbs: or links
If you don't link your art, you will be declined automatically.
Please keep in mind that this concerns people whose artwork we already featured, too, since we can't possibly remember every name or avatar.
The admins will vote on your linked picture. If you cannot accept rejection or do not plan on submitting, please just watch this group.
We only provide critique and an explanation for a decline if you ask for it. This includes gallery submissions. Don't use the Guestbook section for this!


Gallery submissions will be voted on.
You are allowed to submit only two deviations per week.
No extractions or full pieces of official art, screenshots etc. or copies/traces of those.
Please do not resubmit something if we declined it the first time.


Everyone may suggest art to the favourites section, but they also require voting. The standard is not as hard as the gallery's, though.
We have noticed a lull in response time to those who are submitting membership requests and art submissions. We are therefore addressing the issue by opening up two (only two) slots for active contributors!

Please note: Being a contributor to the group does /not/ allow you to submit your own works to the group. In order to do that, you must still go through the membership process.

As a contributor, you will help vote on numerous submissions as well as submitting works you think match the quality we strive to maintain.

Since this is a very active group, it would be best if:

- you are usually online once a day (or at the very least, once a week) to vote on incoming art -
- you like giving feedback to those who ask for critique -
- you have a certain skill level to judge on the incoming submissions -
- you know our basic standards and rule system -
- You understand the quality of pictures we are looking for -

Our smaller series are also lacking of quality pieces, so if you like searching for art, it would be great, too.

Just comment here if you like to be considered! Again, we are only offering two positions at the moment.

Thank you!
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We affiliate with every videogame related group that has either
quality control or over 500 watchers. Your group should be well organized and English speaking.


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Yoshi's Island Caves by neon-phosphor  
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Hey, just so you know, there is a troll going around raiding Nintendo-centric groups by applying as a co-founder and replacing all the artwork with gore, porn and scat. Please make sure to set all group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed"

MrSpikeArt Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you like my drawing! =D

MrSpikeArt Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you like my drawing! =D

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