Artist Spotlight: JellySoupStudios

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After seeing :icondrquack64: DrQuack64's status updates on underrated artists, I have decided to do an Artist Spotlight journal series that will focus on artists and their work that need more attention, recognition and love.

This Artist Spotlight feature focuses on :iconjellysoupstudios: JellySoupStudios. She is a talented and well deserved artist. She drew various Saturday Morning cartoon characters from shows like The Disney Afternoon shows (Gargoyles, DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, etc.), and Tiny Toon Adventures, and Animaniacs. In addition, she also designs buttons featuring Saturday Morning cartoons, Digimon, Animal Crossing, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Buster and Babs Bunny by JellySoupStudios  Magica De Spell by JellySoupStudios 90's Cartoon Button Set by JellySoupStudios

Lately, she has been drawing themed Animal Crossing artwork featuring a wide array of Animal Villagers and special characters, in which she titled this project, the Animal Crossing Scrap Book Project. The use of different villagers and settings make the project truly interesting and visually stunning.

Animal Crossing Superhero's by JellySoupStudios  Fishing Contest by JellySoupStudios Muesum by JellySoupStudios

Surprisingly and sadly, she is not that well known within the DeviantArt community. I am spreading the word about this artist to spread love for :iconjellysoupstudios: JellySoupStudios and her work. Give her a watch as well! :wink 
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JellySoupStudios's avatar
Thank you so kindly for this ^^.
nintendolover2010's avatar
No problem! Spread the word! I hope that you get more followers, likes, and love. :iconaawplz:
That's very remarkable (it means great).
nintendolover2010's avatar
Thank you! Spread the word!
You're very welcome.