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PokeKingdoms Application - Hoshito by NintendoLearner PokeKingdoms Application - Hoshito by NintendoLearner
FOR HONOR! Okay, no, I'll stop- Meet a new pal for the :iconpokekingdoms: group, Hoshito! If you're still wondering, Sonkie means honor, Hoshi(to) means star, and Confictura means invention or fantasy. 10/10 would be a great kid.
Got my back, I got your back, like chiropractors
Like the sun and the moon, all the best things come in two's
What would I do without a friend like you?
Pokemon: #385 Jirachi 385 Jirachi 
Nature: Brave (+Attack, -Speed)
Ability: Serene Grace
Move Set:
Steel type Doom Desire
Psychic type Psyshock
Normal type Protect
Psychic type Cosmic Power 

Name: Sonkie Hoshito Confictura
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 19
Age: 16

Relationship Status: Single
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Straight (Non-LGBT+)

Kingdom: Diamonds
Current Residence: Eureka, in a tower 13 kilometers away from Sethena Mouseion

Occupation/Title: Astrologer
Card Rank: 8

-Too overprotective
-Can be easy to provoke (especially when it comes to friendship/family issues)

"When people on the Diamonds Kingdom are asked about who is someone that could understand what honor is, he's the kind of person they would eventually come in mind. Hoshito is not that kind of person you would love to deal with during battles. A heroic pal with a heart of gold, think of him as a true protagonist on video games and fairytales. He's also polite. Due to this, you're most likely to hear him slipping some words like, 'thee', 'thou', 'shall', and such. Also, that certain guy who will say 'Thou shall not pass', that would be 10/10 him. Hoshito always taking the grip of honor and friendship beyong anything else. He's a great astrologer, his predictions shows many things, and a lot of people sees him as a diligent friend. However, just like it supposed to be, he has weaknesses too. Being stubborn is one of them, but being too overprotective for the sake of friendship and family relations? That's another story. He can be mad if he found someone is hurting his loved ones, so if you do that, beware. He's gonna hunt you to death, and once he does that there's no turning back. Also, this can make him pretty easy to provoke when it comes to such things, and his overprotective personality pretty much adds everything up. So, the actual summary? Honor's a b*tch."

Hoshito is born on the main city of Eureka in a relatively rich family. His father used to be a military expert at Castra (now already exiled, confirmed that he's dead already if anyone wants to claim this kill go ahead), and her mother is currently a merchant at Khalili Market, which she sells some of the MOST famous clothes there. Hoshito at the start wants to be a military expert, just like his father. The reason? He's kinda proud of his father.

But things start to change.

Hoshito's father, day by day, seems like he's hiding something. Something really deep. Obviously, Hoshito was suspicious of his father, as he became harsher towards his family, including Hoshito himself. Soon, Hoshito's pride towards his father starts to decrease, and then it pretty much got worse from that. Until one fateful day, Hoshito discovers the dark secret of his own father. He had a very dark plan to overthrow the kingdom. As the result, Hoshito's bravery went overboard and he reported this to the authorities. At the start, they didn't believe him. But when one mistake from Hoshito's father makes up for a full investigation to the case. The case was finally closed, and Hoshito's father was exiled from the kingdom forever. Since that day, Hoshito lost his trust to his father and cursed him down with words. Hoshito's father swears that one day, Hoshito would meet his own, deadly fate (which turns out never happened).

Hoshito's bravery was later found by some elite ranks. Finally, he was given a reward - A free scholarship to Sethena Mouseion. Of course, he accepted it, who would miss such a great chance? The first time he went in, he was at the same class with Annalis and bonded friendship with her before she ended up having early graduation. Hoshito later got interested in astrology, which backfired as a job for him. He accepts the job nonetheless, especially there were no astrologers around his kingdom anyway. 

Hoshito now lives a rather peaceful life in a tower, which is 13 km away from Sethena Mouseion. In this Japanese-based tower, Hoshito opens the gates of stars to read people's fate. Obviously, he's honest with all of them. He still contacted Annalis a lot, anyway. If not seen in the tower, you can spot him in the garden, either playing some good taiko beats or battle his wits in sword duels. His honor, that he keeps until now, is his true golden treasure, and no one is going to take it away from him. EVER.

-Hoshito can speak Japanese too, but he hides this talent from everyone (except Annalis)
-He has a slight crush towards Annalis.
-While not dealing with astrology, you can spot him reading some books, train himself with sword-fighting techniques, or playing the taiko which is located on his garden.
-Most people call him from his front name (Sonkie) instead of his real middle name. Why? His dedication to honor.
(More to be added)

RP Methods: DISCORD!

Pokemon (c) Nintendo.
Entry for :iconpokekingdoms: group!
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