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I finally got around to doing these! I apologize for the extremely long delay. 

#1: Tagged by::iconsilenzahra:

1.You have to post all the rules.
2.Answer 12 questions that you have been asked, then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
3.Choose 12 people.
4.Legitimately tag these 12 people.
5.You must do the journal entry.
6.You can't say you don't do tags.
7.Tag backs are ALLOWED.

Time for the questions! :D

1.What were you doing before answering these questions?
     I was eating lunch. ;)

2.Are you a student? If so, what are you studying?
        I'm currently studying Computer Literacy. =p

3.What cities or countries have you visited?
     Sadly, I never left my country, and the only big city I've visited was Atlanta. I've also been to the beach in both Florida and South Carolina. I am hoping to change that and venture out to Los Angeles or New York. Maybe even leave the country! :D

4.Are you watching any TV shows at the moment? If so, which ones are you watching?

5.What consoles do you own?
     Mainly a Switch. I also have a Wii U that I don't touch anymore. 

6.What videogame/s are you playing?
     Super Mario Odyssey, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Pokemon Ultra Sun, and a few others! :D

7.What are your favorite Mario games?
     Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door, and many others. :XD:

8.Do you like the pairings MarioxPeach and LuigixDaisy? If not, what other pairings do you prefer?
     MarioxPeach is okay I guess, and while I love Luigi, I don't like Daisy that much. I'll confess that I'm that that big when it come to making ships.

9.Do you like Disney? If so, what are your favorite Disney movies?
     I enjoy some Disney. I'll be open and honest that I have only seen a little bit of movies, though. ;) Lion King and Zootopia were two that stood out to me. :D 

10.What kind of art do you like seeing on DA?
     Mainly Nintendo stuff such as Mario and Pokemon. However, I fav some non-video game related stuff as well.

11.Do you own any pets? If so, what are they? Dogs, cats, birds, fish...?
     Nope. :XD:

12.What are your favorite hobbies?
     I enjoy gaming! :D I also enjoy running a little bit. 

#2 I was tagged by the cool and awesome :iconchild-of-the-light:
Here are the rules
Rule #1: Answer the 13 questions the person who tagged gave you, and make your own 13 questions!
Rule #2: You cannot not tag anyone. 
Rule #3: You gotta tag 13 deviants. 
Rule #4: No saying "You're tagged if you're reading this." It kinda shows that you're lonely. 
Rule #5: No tag-backs! No tagging the person who tagged you.

1.Do you think the cow actually jumped over the moon?
     Nah, I highly doubt one ever did.

2.Are you a fan of Spongebob? (I heard the quality of the show has gone up over the years.)
     I enjoy the show! :D There are some thing I enjoyed about the older episodes, but I do enjoy it nevertheless.

3. Someone you love is in peril but so are a group of a thousand innocent people. You only have enough time to save one or the other, but not both. Who do you choose to save? 
     Tough question. The one I love is in danger, but so are many other loved ones.....

4.If you found out your closest friend was secretly a monster the whole time, what would you do? 
     It depends. If they aren't trying to hurt or kill me, I might not be too upset by it.

5.Do you like pie? 
     Yes!!!!! J'aime les tartes!!!!!

6. Do you prefer a peaceful night with a starry sky or a sunny day with a few clouds? 
     I like both. But I'm going to go with the sunny day with a few clouds.

7.Would you die a hero or live long enough to become the villain? 
     Die a hero! :D I would rather be remembered for the for my positive deeds.

8.One guy in a one floor house painted his entire room blue. Then, what was the color of his staircase?
     He has no staircase! =P

9. Do you have Southern Drawl? 
     I am from the south, so maybe a little bit. :)

10.Are you more of a fan of calming, peaceful music or loud, energetic music?
     I depends on my mood of course! :D

11.Would you rather have a cat or bat in the house?  
     To be honest with you, neither. :XD:

12.Do you like flowers? If so, do you have a favorite one?
     Eh, they're okay I guess. I can't say I have a favorite.

13. What's your favorite color? 
     Red and blue. (I think I miiiiight like blue a little more.)

Finally!!!!! I think I've fainted.  After several long months, I managed to get these two tags done! Dance! Because of how old these tags are, I'm not going to worry about tagging anyone. I'll try not to take this long if I get tagged again. Wink/Razz  

This Direct was amazing! A bit lite on new reveals, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate makes up for it! It's nice to see that the whole crew from the previous games are here! :happybounce: Pichu, Ice Climbers, Young Link, Wolf, even Snake is coming back to join the fight!Pokemon - Pichu [Excited] [V.1]SSBM - Ice Climbers Intro Solid Snake Gif This is easily going to be the ultimate Smash game! :D Looking forward to December 7th! 
I have finally returned here after over 2 whole months! :D
Merry Christmas everyone! Another year has come and gone, and it is Christmas once again! Christmas Emote   Christmas is the best time of year, and I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Merry christmas everybody Christmas La Christmas- Deerling Christmas Dance Christmas La Christmas Smiley Christmas Merry Christmas sign Christmas- Pikachu Santa Christmas- Plusle Christmas- Minun Christmas Classic Sonic Fox emoji - Christmas! Christmas- Emolga :bademoticon: Christmas Tree Christmas- Pachirisu Christmas- Marill Christmas Carol [emote] merry christmas bear Christmas- Dedenne Animation md Merry Christmas 2 :bademoticon: :candycane: Candy Cane Animation md Merry Christmas and Best Wishes Pika    (I did something like this last year. Why not do it again? :dummy:)
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Hi guys! I'm Nintendofan364. As my name obviously implies, I'm a HUGE Nintendo fan. I mostly draw Nintendo-related stuff. I sometimes draw a variety of other things as well. ;)

Facts about me
:bulletred:I am a Christian.

:bulletred:I love Nintendo (obviously).

:bulletred:I haven't been drawing for very long. I just started. I'm still trying to get better.

:bulletred:I enjoy cross-country.

Awesome friends of mine::iconchild-of-the-light::iconhimalayanhusky::iconnanophoenix364::iconxfangheartx::iconsilenzahra::iconsunnythefoxy::iconupstreamwake::icontigerfishaori::iconhoruishi::iconshootingstareevee:

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Mega Man 5 Stamp by recastanho R.I.P Satoru Iwata by laprasking Mario and Luigi Stamp by ctjamjelly

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alolan vulpix stamp by tsunderre Team-Popplio-Stamp by Aletheiia90 Rockruff And Lycanroc Fan Stamp  by StantheGamingdog

Super Mario Odyssey Stamp by DIA-TLOA :thumb707972753:


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