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Hey guys! First of all, I'd like to put out a majorly huge apology for my long leave of absence. Life kind of happened but I realize how unfair it was to keep this group up with only Pat-The-Kitsune running this ship and no one to help her. Pat, I am most sorry to you and leaving such an overwhelming job to you. Thank you for attempting to keep this group alive.

As my first action of apology to you Junkies, I have opened a Splatoon folder in the gallery. There's a lot of amazing Splatoon art that's getting kinda buried in the Others folder and there's such a huge following for it that all these squids kinda needed their own space. As of now, you can start submitting all of your Splatoon art to the Splatoon folder!!!

I have also decided to open up a NSFW folder. If you have a piece that's a bit more mature and needs to be marked in such a way(as long as you still follow DeviantArts' guidelines to mature themed art), please submit them to the NSFW gallery. This provides a bit of a safer environment to those who are either underage or not comfortable with mature themed art.

If there are gallery folder suggestions you'd like to make, please let me know! I owe you guys big time and this is at least something I can do so it's easier to share your art with others as well as finding game specific artwork made by other artists.

You guys are amazing and keep on sharing more Nintendo stuff!

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Gallery Folders

Twitch Plays Pokemon by TsaoShin
Super Mario

Mature Content

Princess Pool Party -version 3 by SigurdHosenfeld
Dry Bowser by the-elemental-writer
Morton and Lemmy by Sloth-Power
Super Mario 2
Super Mario Odyssey (LuncheonKingdom) by AleNintendo
Super Mario Odyssey Possession (R) - Box by AleNintendo
Super Mario Odyssey Possession (R) by AleNintendo
Super Mario Odyssey Possession (W_R) - Box by AleNintendo
Donkey Kong
Inktober 2nd: Balloon by Samukassem14
Dk socks and his banana horde by Humdeedum233
Krucial Kombat (Kongs vs K Rool) by Nighteba
Obstacles II by justakid93
Flannery by locomotive111
Pokeball keychain by TheDarkLittleBunnY
Xerneas by rateofdifference
Primal Kyogre by rateofdifference
Pokemon 2
Final Sun Set by KeepItM
Pokemon XY is 5 yrs old!! by MutantFang
Gyarados by MutantFang
Happiness by KeepItM
Ness by Soleyl6
Poo pls by Millenium-Lint
Motherbound the 3rd by Shenaniganza
PK PJs by VividVapor
Operations by 1KamZ
Avoid The Hellfire by 1KamZ
Casual Samus by Caluctor

Mature Content

Samus by Lotikmac
Run, Waddle Dee, Run! by Kereth-Midknight
The Masked Swordsman, Meta Knight by ApoLuke72
Every Kirby Ever #17 by Colonel-Majora-777
Kirby and Friends by Doodlemaster1000
Ice Climbers
Ice Climbers (Anim) by waritsala
Death Battle Request #44 by rumper1
Ice Climbers Love by Ca14
Derpy Popo by MistaCobalto
Human Pikmin by OMGPOP1604
Super Smash Bros.
Mr. Game and Watch - Clay Figure by kerobyx
The Legend of Zelda
Inktober 2018 - Day 14 - Clock by VHSzombie
Star Fox
Falco Lombardi Fanart by Luzim-Lukart
Animal Crossing
Isabelle by Namrii
B I R D E T T E by Miracle-Dreamers
Kid Icarus
Amazon Pandora by SuperChriminator
Metal Gear Solid
Solid Snake vs. Liquid Ocelot: The real fight by Contendo64
Airman ga taosenai/Cant beat Airman by Shinwashi
Splatoween by MatsuYojimbo

Mature Content

Super Missile Samus by Caluctor


Funky Fire Monkeys by Aniforce Funky Fire Monkeys :iconaniforce:Aniforce 35 3 Charmander and Squirtle! Bestests of friends! by Aniforce Charmander and Squirtle! Bestests of friends! :iconaniforce:Aniforce 37 4 Bowsette by ReiesuArt Bowsette :iconreiesuart:ReiesuArt 33 1 Mushroom rubberstamp by LauraNC Mushroom rubberstamp :iconlauranc:LauraNC 8 6 Rubber stamp Mario by LauraNC Rubber stamp Mario :iconlauranc:LauraNC 11 3 Luigi rubber stamp by LauraNC Luigi rubber stamp :iconlauranc:LauraNC 23 7 Nintendo's Mad Kart Double Death by Dogmeatlives Nintendo's Mad Kart Double Death :icondogmeatlives:Dogmeatlives 42 4 Bloody Mario by ComicAJ Bloody Mario :iconcomicaj:ComicAJ 6 6 Sketchbook: Malon by PaperPumpkin Sketchbook: Malon :iconpaperpumpkin:PaperPumpkin 86 13 Sketchbook: Zelda by PaperPumpkin Sketchbook: Zelda :iconpaperpumpkin:PaperPumpkin 73 6 Electric Sky by Orioto Electric Sky :iconorioto:Orioto 766 47 Mario and Wario by NatemanDeadman94 Mario and Wario :iconnatemandeadman94:NatemanDeadman94 2 3 Cake enjoyment by Razorkun Cake enjoyment :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 613 53 Hardenshipping to the Maxie by gaaradesertdreams Hardenshipping to the Maxie :icongaaradesertdreams:gaaradesertdreams 151 30 Animal Crossing Cosplay - Reese by WorstWaifu Animal Crossing Cosplay - Reese :iconworstwaifu:WorstWaifu 19 5 Jaspe by lIXl Jaspe :iconlixl:lIXl 15 2




Nintendo-Junkies is an opportunity for each and every one of us to share our talents and love for Nintendo with each other. To make searching easier, we've separated each gaming series into their own folders, for ex., art of Mario goes into the 'Super Mario' folder and art of Link and Zelda go into the 'Legend of Zelda' folder.

So when you want to submit your wonderful art to this group gallery, please pay attention to the drop-down menu and select which folder that suits your drawing. If not the drop-down, simply click on one of the folders and submit directly into it.

The number one reason art is declined from this group is whenever one of you try to submit art into the wrong folder. If you're unsure which folder to submit into, we have an 'Others' folder. :) If your drawings are declined, submit again but just be more aware where exactly you want your art featured.

Thank you


Hello! And welcome to Nintendo-Junkies!
Here, we have everything. From Metriod to Kirby. Super Mario to Earthbound! Anything you like!






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