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Neagaroono - Sudowoodo Evo

My entry for :iconzweizigalon:'s Johto Contest. I choose Sudowoodo becuase it is funny AND because nobody ever does an evolution for it. I leave its type intact because I believe it is what makes Sudowoodo/Bonsly more unique (They are the one of the few pure Rock type Pokémon!). I followed the bonsai/oriental style of Bonsly.

Now onto the data:
Neagaroono [Neagari (Type of bonsai that has its roots exposed; here its legs) + Omono (Classification for bonsai that surpass the 80 cm.) + a hint to Sudowodo's name (Double "o")]
NO.: ???
Type: Rock
the Imitation Pokémon
Height: 6'20"
Weight: 281.2 lbs.

+Evolves from: Sudowoodo Lv.Up w/Growth Aura at Lv. 54
(Fake attack, Normal-type PP-15; it raises Atk. and Sp.Atk one level, and cures Poison and Confusion)
+Evolves into: none

+Rock Head

Falvor Texts:
HG: "It needs to be completely still and serious to be camouflated as a tree but it can't change its silly look. It posses enormous strenght that enables it to move trees."
SS: "When winter falls, it grabs fallen snow from the ground and puts it in its arms and head. It roots itself because its gold feet ruin the imitation."
??Crystal: "If there is no space to root, it moves trees with its hands to make space. Its gold feet are what it enables to root itself."

Sorry for my English :D And I hope you like and I hope I at least climb the fourth place ^_^

Sudowoodo/Bonsly/Pokémon/Johto/HG/SS/Crystal (C) Nintendo/Pokémon
Neagaroono/Artwork (C) Me
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Looks like a tired granpa, but I like it! :D
nintendo-jr's avatar
It does, looking at it right now XD Thanks! :3
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It looks amazing
PrinceCharmingLoki's avatar
it looks really cool :D
they way he loos is so cute *-*
jackstar93's avatar

o_0 i want one! it looks soo real they should totally make this in gen 5 x3
nintendo-jr's avatar
Thanks :D

Also, cool avy!
defno's avatar
Wow great, work.
You are definitely going to have one of the best entries.
Noland005's avatar
You did an awesome job on this entry. I think you've got a real good shot at first place!

It's a shame Sudowoodo didn't get an evolution by now.
nintendo-jr's avatar
Thank you :D Yeah, it should get an evo (After all it already got a pre-evolution on the fourth generation)
zweizigalon's avatar
I love it! ^.^ You did such a great job keeping the style and love of the evolution line going. x3

Good luck in the contest!
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Looks awesome. Nice job.
WiiManUltimatum's avatar
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That would work great as an evolution for sudowoodo maybe in the 5th generatio of pokemon
narodin's avatar
That's really quite good Niney! You kept it simple, but spectacular!

Great job :+fav:
omg i was thinki9ng about a sudowoodo evo last night we can call it BONSWOODO (bonsly + sudowoodo) it can finally be rock/grass
nintendo-jr's avatar
Thank you :D

BTW, I really like the forums now, they are a lot better ^_^
narodin's avatar
Thanks :hug:

I still need to finish them though :P
They're too plain.
nintendo-jr's avatar
Yep, an skin, more forums some old topics too!
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