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:wave:Welcome to Nintendo Heaven!:wave:

This group is made up of die-hard Nintendo fans, and is dedicated to the appreciation of the games that changed the world! Any and all are welcome into our humble group, but I do have a few things I'd like to point out for new and old members alike.

:bulletred:Submit all your artwork to the CORRECT folder. I've made several folders for several different games, and all of them are open for submissions. The Featured gallery is reserved for our contest winners ONLY.:bulletred:

:bulletgreen:I will accept third party video game series that have been on a Nintendo console. If you want a folder to be made of them just ask.

:bulletpink:WE HAVE MONTHLY CONTESTS WITH GREAT PRIZES! Be sure to check out the blog every month for details and updates!:bulletpink:

:bulletblue: Flaming, trolling, or negativity in this group is NOT ALLOWED. God does not allow sinners into Heaven, and neither will I allow them in my group. If I catch anything even slightly negative in the comments on submissions, blogs, or member's profiles, I will HAVE YOU BANNED FROM THIS GROUP.:bulletblue:

:bulletyellow:Most importantly of all, HAVE FUN AND SHOW OFF YOUR ARTISTIC TALENTS!!!:bulletyellow:


Tenage Funky Monkey Kongs Kops by Chucha616 Tenage Funky Monkey Kongs Kops :iconchucha616:Chucha616 99 75 Advanceshipping Day 2022 by MayKetchumSatoHaru Advanceshipping Day 2022 :iconmayketchumsatoharu:MayKetchumSatoHaru 147 10 Hatsune Miku gift to Megaman Exe by EliVDraws Hatsune Miku gift to Megaman Exe :iconelivdraws:EliVDraws 158 3 Princess Peach x Marth Com. by Aijihi Princess Peach x Marth Com. :iconaijihi:Aijihi 96 13 Marty and X by Ace-The-Artist Marty and X :iconace-the-artist:Ace-The-Artist 51 5 Rivals by StaticBlu Rivals :iconstaticblu:StaticBlu 69 3 Saito and Xiaomu dressing like Vyse and Fina by KawaiiStorm Saito and Xiaomu dressing like Vyse and Fina :iconkawaiistorm:KawaiiStorm 58 8 Snorpunny by WingnutXLV Snorpunny :iconwingnutxlv:WingnutXLV 320 20 Pokemon Fusion - Snorpunny by WitchTaunter Pokemon Fusion - Snorpunny :iconwitchtaunter:WitchTaunter 253 8 PRINCESSES KOOPA by Natsuko-the-Mun PRINCESSES KOOPA :iconnatsuko-the-mun:Natsuko-the-Mun 52 4
Princess Peach and the Sinister Spice
[Princess Peach to Bowser]
Princess Peach hummed cheerfully as she glided around the vacant kitchen. A white apron protected her casual pink clothes, her movements unrestricted by royal garb. Her golden locks were tied back loosely, keeping her luxurious hair out of her face and food while she worked. Her delicate hands were mixing another bowl of cake batter, one hand holding its side as the other furiously whipped the mixture. The work was tough, especially considering this was the third one of the night, but a content smile shone on her face.
Her nightly baking was the only time Peach had to herself this week. The Mushroom Kingdom Invitational, an annual gathering of leaders from the surrounding nations and kingdoms, was fast approaching, and a plethora of tasks had to be completed, checked, and double-checked in preparation. That meant Peach, as the sole ruler of the kingdom, had to oversee and approve every little detail of the gathering. Toadsworth, her faithful confidant, helped
:iconkiller095:killer095 112 13
CM 25 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission CM 25 - Meteorstom :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 101 10 CM 3 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission CM 3 - Meteorstom :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 169 67 CM 36 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission CM 36 - Meteorstom :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 76 11 Splash Exe by ick25 Splash Exe :iconick25:ick25 85 10 Galactic Droplets by Rami120 Galactic Droplets :iconrami120:Rami120 56 0



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My idea for a 3D Mario gametitle:Super Mario Railroad the summary of the story is that the Mushroom Kingdom now made their very own railroad so Peach and Mario were about to test out their railroad until Bowser shows up having his own steam engine and stole 10 Gear Stars that were gonna be used for the railroad so Mario and Peach gathered up all their friends to help stop Bowser the 10 playable characters are Mario Peach Luigi Toad Wario Waluigi Donkey Kong Rosalina Daisy and Yoshi while Cappy returns to help them enemies are Koopas Goombas Tyrannosaurus Piranha Plants Shy Guys Cheep Cheeps Pokeys Boos Dry Bones Lakitus Monty Moles Octoombas Spinies Bullet Bills Kremlings Bloopers Charging Chucks Hammerbros Chain Chomps Fire and Ice Bros Chinchos Pokios Spikes Thwomps Uproots Birdo(mini boss) Paratroopas Paragoombas Broozers Crowbers Giant Eels Bitefrosts Podoboos Wigglers Reznors Bob-ombs Boom Boom and Pom Pom(both minibosses) Draggadon(mini boss) Hoppos and Godzilla(you would also use him to fight Omega Bowser) 10 bosses are 1.Dino Piranha 2.Wingo 3.Broodals 4.King Boo 5.King K Rool 6.King Bob-omb 7.Mecha Mario 8.Kamek 9.Bowser Jr. 10.Bowser(who is the final boss but then with Kamek's magic Bowser turns into Omega Bowser(a fusion of Fury Bowser and Giga Bowser) in phase 2 where you can ride on Godzilla to fight Omega Bowser) the worlds are 1.Grassy Railroad 2.Jungle Railroad 3.Sky Railroad 4.Desert Railroad 5.Metro Railroad(based around New Donk City) 6.Oceanic Railroad 7.Dinosaur Railroad 8.Ghoulish Railroad 9.Yin Yang Railroad(mostly a Fire and Ice world ;3) 10.Rainbow Star Railroad(based around a galaxy) 11.Food Railroad(based around mostly food) 12.Bowser's Railroad(final world) DLC's are Pauline Diddy Kong Funky Kong Geno Paper Mario and Toadette the game also comes with multiplayer up to 10 players too

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The mermaid Meggy drawing that was submitted to the Fire Emblem folder by djdjdj221 is stolen art. I am the original artist for the drawing. Please remove it.

Art thief alert: djdjdj221I normally avoid doing these kinds of posts as I'm the kind who usually keeps my social channels free of drama, but this is a very special case because I am involved in some degree.The general gist of it is that my art was stolen by a user by the name of @djdjdj221. Normally I'd get this sorted out quietly, but these are extraordinary circumstances, and while I did make a status post about it, I've learned some more dirty things about the user that I felt should be addressed. Firstly...1) Art theft,This collage of drawings of Meggy Spletzer as a mermaid was something that I had originally posted on Twitter as far back as April 21, 2021 for an art submission event. I hadn't uploaded it to DeviantArt originally as I felt it wasn't fit for my DA gallery at the time. However djdjdj221 had went and uploaded it to their gallery without credit, permission or even my own awareness. They didn't even bother to edit it to remove my Twitter handle from the drawing. I was made aware about this thanks to @DeoxysDivinity informing me about it (cheers for that!).Following the awareness that my art was stolen, I have decided to upload the original, full-sized version of the art to my own gallery to assure others of who the real artist is, which you can find here. What is especially insulting is that djdjdj221's upload has been getting favourites and group submissions, so if you're a founder/contributor to a group that the stolen version was uploaded to, please remove it and add the real upload in its place.I've filed a DMCA takedown request against the stolen art since it has worked for me when another drawing of mine was stolen back in October last year, though it hasn't gone through yet.I wasn't the only person to have had their art ripped off by this user - a look through their gallery also has other art stolen from other artists without credit or permission, most of which even still have their original artist signatures in them:,This one was stolen from artist and YouTuber HoopsandHipHop. Their original art can be found in this video.,This one was stolen from Marilu Molina, whose Tumblr URL is still in the image. The Tumblr URL still works here, though this piece is not there.,,,These last two I haven't found the original artists for; SauceNAO didn't turn up anything. If anyone knows who the artists are, it would be appreciated for me to know.Of course, that's not the only dirty thing to come of this user, as I want to bring attention to...2) Racism and ableism (CONTENT WARNING)Turns out djdjdj221 is also racist and potentially ableist. Who would have thought? Specifically, the user has a few "hate" posts against Halle Bailey, who played Ariel in the recent live-action The Little Mermaid from Disney and calling her "evil":,To further add fuel to the flames, the user appears to have no qualms about using the ableist r-slur in their comments in response to another user. On top of that, they didn't even credit the artist of the second image in their "meme", further adding to their art theft count.ConclusionSoooo, yeah. I don't normally put someone on blast like this as it's not the kind of thing I'm generally comfortable doing, but because I was involved in their sliminess I felt like I had to make the exception this once, and that I would like people to be aware of this arrogant little thief and report them. If you have faved any of the stolen pictures of theirs, please remove them....
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