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Group Rules: please read carefully before contributing artwork

(Updated on 2016-04-10 by DragonKazooie89)

The journal version of the rules set is located here.



It is a female character that appeared in a series of games owned by Nintendo and/or its subsidiary companies (i.e.: HAL Laboratories, Intelligent Systems, etc:…). It usually includes (but is not limited to) series like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Kirby and Pokémon.

Female characters appearing in series created by third-party developers are not eligible to be featured on Nintendo-Girls (i.e.: Rare, Square-Enix, Sega), no matter if their games were released on a Nintendo console or not.



:pointr: This group is all about fun and respect. So please treat others as such. Any harassment will be dealt with by the admins.
:pointr: If you want to become a member, just press "Join our Group" on top of the page". You will be automatically accepted in the group.
:pointr: If you wish to contact us, please send us a Note! Your message might go unnoticed if you simply post on the front page.
:pointr: If you wish to be affiliates with Nintendo-Girls, press the "Affiliate" button on top of our page! We will only accept affiliates that are relevant to our group.


:pointr: Our submission system is based on votes by the admins and contributors: not all users are online at the same time, so expect a few hours before your submissions get in.
:pointr: Please keep it to your best works. If we judge your work doesn't meet our quality standards, it will not be accepted.
:pointr: Your submissions are limited to one artwork per day and/or one work of literature per week.
:pointr: Please take care to submit your submission to the correct folder.  If your artwork contains only one Nintendo girl, regardless of side characters, it goes in her respective folder. Artwork that contains more than one Nintendo girl goes into the "Multiple Nintendo Girls" folder. Don't forget that everything submitted to the wrong folder will be rejected.
:pointr: The folders for mature artwork, comics and OCs override the rules for the "Multiple Nintendo Girls" folder.
:pointr: Only the first page of a comic series or story is accepted. This is to avoid imminent clutter and disorganization.
:pointr: The administrators have the final word. If your submissions get rejected, do not submit them again. If we see you try to willingly submit deviations that were rejected before, we might end up sanctioning you with a ban.
:pointr: If the deviation you have submitted is considered high quality by the staff, it will be included in the Featured folder, reserved for the best artwork out there.

:star: We accept these types of media:

:bulletblue: Drawings (Fanart): traditional/digital illustrations, group pictures, comic pages;
:bulletblue: Literature (Fanfiction): one-shots, multi-chapters, poems, proses;
:bulletblue: Photography: crafts and cosplay.


:thumbsup: We will accept:

:bulletgreen: General art: any artwork or work of literature, aimed at all audiences, that contains at least one Nintendo girl as a central character. This is, after all, the main focus of this group.
:bulletgreen: Mature art: includes every mature subject matter, except for fetishes. Please note that distasteful artwork, material that borderlines pornography and submissions that are not properly labelled as "Mature content" will be turned down (see below for more details on mature artwork).
:bulletgreen: Fan characters: they're tolerated but not encouraged. Please either mention or make it clear that it is Nintendo inspired, or else we might decline it for lack of relevance. Please note that only a total of three submissions for the same fan character are allowed.

:thumbsdown: We will decline:

:bulletred: Half-assed artwork: anything that looks like it was drawn in 5 minutes. We value to effort given to a picture, so please show your dedication in your work!
:bulletred: Bad editing/medium: blurry or dark pictures taken with a webcam, illustrations done on lined paper, to cite common examples.
:bulletred: Hard-to-read, incomplete or short literature: any work of literature that has bad spelling/grammar (including chatspeak), punctuation, and paragraph spacing.
:bulletred: Incomplete artwork/Works in progress: Please submit your work only if you deem it completed (example: a lineart piece you don't intend on colouring later is OK).
:bulletred: Official works/Edits/Tracing: Everything you haven't drawn YOURSELF, including official art (either edited or not), traced pictures, game sprites, game/cartoon screenshots, and drawings making heavy use of bases, will be turned down instantly.
:bulletred: Pornographic art: Even though we have a Mature folder, works that are judged too close to hardcore porn or hentai won't be admitted. This includes explicit sexual body positions, disproportionate body parts (such as breasts), as well as everything else mentioned in DeviantART's Terms Of Services.
:bulletred: Fetish art: mature content or not, all fetishes are declined. If you don't know what a fetish is, then you probably don't have to worry about it.
:bulletred: Pokémon: only the Pokémon non-human characters, including their Gijinka forms. Otherwise, all humans characters are welcome.
:bulletred: Other franchises: anything not originating from Nintendo. Please refer to the very first point of this rules list for more details.
:bulletred: Hateful art: Artwork or literature that is intended to degrade Nintendo girls and/or their fans.


Enjoy your time here at Nintendo-Girls. And remember the most important rule: HAVE FUN!

Gallery Folders

Girls night by ninpeachlover
SSB4/SMG - Tea and Stars by StaciNadia
GamesGirls by LinkDoodle
Noble Zora Ladies by bellhenge
Peechy by Spudenski
Oh Did I Win? by DanMizelle
Pretty n Pink! by ohpeach
Peach Waifu by Yasuuko
princess Daisy by Nintendojessicalover
Super Smash Bros: Daisy by thegamingdrawer
Hi I'm Daisy! by NatsumeSaga2
Daisy by startop1
Fire Rosalina by M-D-47
Rosalina by Captain-Skittles
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Rosalina and Ganondorf by Nico--Neko
Rosalina and Luma by kingloomy
Pauline gift by ninpeachlover
Tennis Aces new character : Pauline by Nintendojessicalover
[MARIO] Gorgeous Pauline by Ayanniko
Youuu areee the tennis queeeen by Aqua-Lightbeam
Toadette - Platformers by ClaireAimee
Toadette girl by mariokart8toad909
Toadette by aShyPerson
Toadette by QueenieLumy
Zelda, Sheik, Tetra
Farore's Wind  (12 13 2018) by theskywaker
WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!! by nin10ja
Zelda by EllirianaRei
Zelda by Joannacreatesart
Forest Girl [Huevember Part 5] by Ghiraham-Sandwich
Saria by CookieBombShells
Happy 20th Birthday OoT! by CynthiaSotoArt
Legend of Zelda: Sariaaa by dumbassjellyfish
Majou Shoujo Malon! by Im-Keyla-the-master
. hate to cut up that pretty face, fairy boy by mr-tino
:Malon Moo Moo: by MeguBunnii
Maiden in the Meadow by DarklordIIID
Midna by CookieBombShells
Princess of Twilight  by Maiilinn
Midna by DiamondHour
Midna by HowSplendid
Samus Aran
We got a legend. by CurtisGwin
Palutena by EllirianaRei
Animal Crossing Girls
Princess Lottie by yoshimarsart
Fire Emblem Girls
Corrin in Paris by echoing-suicune
Magical Girl Collab #6: Ness and Tracy by YessieMaltese
Pokemon girls
Pokemon - Elesa - Check These Guns by ViViVooDeux
Splatoon Girls
Splatoon! by CurtisGwin
Other Nintendo girls
Kalypso Pinup by Zekehimberry95
Multiple Nintendo Girls
WE ARE THE SAMUS FORCE! (art by Aeolus06) by Tigershard-R
Sudden Realization by TheDarkXelloss

Mature Content

Peach by myugi-chan
Princess Daisy Seal of approval by ZeFrenchM
Fan Characters
Fleur by fawnshy
Contest "Dress Me Up For Halloween"
Happy Halloween by CleopatraDiNekomata
Christmas Community Collab
Christmas Community Collab 2012 by TheBourgyman
Contest: Girls' Night
SSB4/SMG - Tea and Stars by StaciNadia
Collab: Nintendo Girl Wedding Party
Collab - Nintendo Girl Wedding Party by DragonKazooie89

Group Info

Nintendo-Girls is pretty much like it says: a group devoted entirely to the lovely girls from the Nintendo games! Whether you like Peach, Zelda, Samus or any other girl from a Nintendo franchise, this is the place to express yourself and submit your art for all to see.
Founded 9 Years ago
Dec 4, 2009


Group Focus
Art Collection

6,018 Members
5,930 Watchers
511,393 Pageviews
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As of late, we're having trouble making sure our submissions are getting enough votes to accept or reject for our gallery so we need are calling for contributors. As of now we need 3 of them and in order to qualify you must:

:bulletblue: Have a good amount of Nintendo knowledge to know what submissions go where
:bulletblue: Visit DeviantART frequently, at least once a day or every two days at least
:bulletblue: Have good artistic judgement and adequate grammar (you will be voting on both illustrations and literature)
:bulletblue: Be able to stick to the submission rules when voting (i.e.: know about wrong folders, mature art, etc.)

Having past experience as a contributor/co-founder/founder for another group is desired but not a requirement. If you are interested you can either comment on this journal or send the group a note. Thanks a bunch!
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