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...No? Well, you clicked it. Perhaps your time is not as valuable as you claim~


Vote for this. There's a chance that MimiMarieT and TheFightingMongooses will be able to meet. If you aren't a COLD BLACK HEARTED SQUIRREL MONSTER than you'll vote so they can see each other for X-mas :D
Or New Year's. Maybe both. I don't have a good memory.
Click 5, since that's the highest number. It's a good number. Five is jive, bro~

...When am I uploading art? Bitch, you haven't cared in years and you know it. I don't have a scanner. Here's a Kirby :iconkirbyplz:
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Voted o3o though not entirely sure how that helps them see each other :dummy: *slapped*

Lol, you calling me a bitch? ;D would like to see some drawings though ;u;
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The prize is MONEY 8D

You're not a bitch I love you~
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I... seee 8D *still clueless coz I'm an idiot*

Lol yay <333 get your butt on skype (it's working for me now XD)
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I'll do everything I can to help you win.
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So I found out "PoopingIsFun@outlook.com" is taken .-.
People are strange.
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