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Taken from MimiMarieT Don't tell her or she'll get another restraining order.

1.) When it comes to Halloween, what is your favorite thing about it?
I honestly don't know. I haven't gone trick-or-treating in so long, mostly because I've never had money to go buy a costume or something. Halloween is just fun in general, though. I more often than not play Luigi's Mansion anyways, which is always fun.

2.) What are your favorite candies to get?
The kind you can eat. You know the one? That you chew and it tastes great. That's the best.

3.) Ever been to Halloween themed events? [Example Boo at the Zoo, Disney's Halloween, Universal Studios]
I've been to Knott's Scary Farm about two years ago and I rode my first roller coaster. Yeah. I was 18 when I rode my first coaster. I don't know what I'm doing with my life either.

4.) Do you like ghost stories?
Only if it's a good one. I'm kind of the same with creepypastas too. I'm not an avid fan of them, but I can appreciate them.

5.) What's your favorite Halloween type-mascot? [Ghosts, bats, black cats, etc.)
Nothing's more classic than a ghost, am I right?

6.) Do you have a favorite Halloween memory?
My most vivid memory is actually kind of a bad one. I really don't like having my picture taken at all and for whatever reason my dad just wanted to take about 50 pictures one night. I just wanted to get as much candy because it was a school night and Mom was really anal about being home at an appropriate hour. Long story short, I didn't want my fucking picture taken and I just wanted candy. So dad sent me home with no candy. I was a sad grump that day.

7.) Favorite Halloween costume ever?
I was Mario one year. It was fucking great.

8.) Do you decorate any part of your house, indoors or out?
We used to decorate the house, but now I live in an apartment and am poor.

9.) Where do you live and if Halloween is popular on a scale of 1 [Rare] to 10 [Popular]?
From what I've seen in my complex, it's noticeable. I think I'd rate about a 5 or 6.

10.) Do you actually like Candy Corn!? Pumpkin
It's... average, I suppose.

Halloween, like many things, is kind of boring without the money to have fun.
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Pinkaila's avatar
Dude. I'm 21 next month and have never rid a roller coaster XD nor intend to... I imagine I'd just be sick or die of suffocation or something :dummy: lol, I can't even stand the string wind, so going whatever-miles-per-hour?? Hell nope 8D

Aaaaanyway, Mario costume?? Baw you traitor >u< you know you're Luigiiii~
Nintendo-Fighter's avatar
Next month? Mother fucker, why didn't you say so sooner? You need to party! :D And it's actually not so bad, once I got on. I find them a lot of fun, it's just the build-up that always makes me queasy.

To be fair, this was before I was in high school, which is when I took Smash Bros. seriously. The bulk of my Luigi love comes from my skill in Smash Bros. Then I got to know him as a character better and I became the second fiddle you all sort of like today.
Pinkaila's avatar
Lol, I dunno 8D coz birthdays were never mentioned??
Baaw ok ;u; maybe it's a case of the fear is worse than the actual, err, thing XD or something~

Ahuu, I seeee >u< you the perfect Luigi!! You kinda look like him... somehow 8D... now imagine me and you dressed as Peach and Luigi ;D (though they aren't a couple XD and I have brown hair... well blah she's pink <333)
Nintendo-Fighter's avatar
Rollar coasters are fun! Though, I can only stand to stomach about one or two a day. Three if I'm feeling good enough.

Normally I'd agree, but I'm actually very short, hence why I think I would make a better Mario. However, I'm really skinny too, so I don't look like Mario much either! Woe is me...
DUDE If you dressed up as Peach, I would do anything you wanted HOLY SHEYIT
Pinkaila's avatar
Lol, much more than I can probably stomach :dummy:

Hmm, either find someone shorter to dress as Mario and make you look taller lol >u> or wear a pillow stomach?? 8D

Ahuhuhuu, oh really?? :iconicameplz: well you can start by getting me a Peach costume 8D *slapped*
Nintendo-Fighter's avatar
A pillow stomach? Pft, come on, Mario ain't that heavy.

That's not fair, you aren't actually dressed as Peach if I have to get you the costume.
Pinkaila's avatar
He is a bit >u< especially next to Sonic in the Olympics series X'D but hey, Sonic's a stick :dummy: *slapped*

Lololol, yeah :iconiwentplz:
Nintendo-Fighter's avatar
That's an unfair comparison, Sonic's legs are lanky as fuck.
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Nintendo-Fighter's avatar
Marie... Marie, let's be rational here. Do we really want to get the courts involved for the fourth time?
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