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If you want it, you'll need a Nintendo 3DS.
What's more, you have until 3/31/2017 at 8 PM [Pacific/Honolulu] to get it.
I've noticed a lot of the popular folders are full, and even though a couple of members have commented about this, no one has actually done anything about it. This has led people to purposefully submit their pieces to the wrong folders, just because they aren't full yet. Needless to say, this should not be happening...
Now, I know the founder is no longer around, but as the cofounder, :iconi-am-midna: should be able to take some responsibility. Please help this group stay alive!
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Want to affiliate with us? No problem! Send us an affiliate request and we'll accept it A.S.A.P!
NOTE: It doesn't have to be but we would like it if the group was based on something Nintendo-ish


80s Link by Dawgweazle 80s Link :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 86 9 .+* Always there, princess *+. by Bunny-Pinkcess .+* Always there, princess *+. :iconbunny-pinkcess:Bunny-Pinkcess 611 47 .: Collab: Toon ZeLink :. by PinkHyrulePrincess .: Collab: Toon ZeLink :. :iconpinkhyruleprincess:PinkHyrulePrincess 148 13 I missed you by Eeveetachi I missed you :iconeeveetachi:Eeveetachi 692 83 Pinky Promise by SilentTeal Pinky Promise :iconsilentteal:SilentTeal 223 60 Zelda: Chibi Link and Zelda by Nacrym Zelda: Chibi Link and Zelda :iconnacrym:Nacrym 868 86 IDW Sonic Painting by Ripped-Scar IDW Sonic Painting :iconripped-scar:Ripped-Scar 95 2 Sonic and the Cube Wisps by Ripped-Scar Sonic and the Cube Wisps :iconripped-scar:Ripped-Scar 50 3 A Link to the Past - Lost in Dark World by Dawgweazle A Link to the Past - Lost in Dark World :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 95 10 (OLD) Dawn and Her Pokeball by FrostyHedgehog (OLD) Dawn and Her Pokeball :iconfrostyhedgehog:FrostyHedgehog 12 4 Star Fox: Miyu and Fay by Dawgweazle Star Fox: Miyu and Fay :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 98 3 Skyward Sword: Knight Academy Classmates by Dawgweazle Skyward Sword: Knight Academy Classmates :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 95 6 Summer with the troupe. by mickeydisneyfan Summer with the troupe. :iconmickeydisneyfan:mickeydisneyfan 23 3 Ludwig von koopa transformation sequence by metal1416 Ludwig von koopa transformation sequence :iconmetal1416:metal1416 21 5 Plunge into Adventure by Dawgweazle Plunge into Adventure :icondawgweazle:Dawgweazle 172 16 Rui (Pokemon Colosseum) by Musical-Stargazer Rui (Pokemon Colosseum) :iconmusical-stargazer:Musical-Stargazer 20 6


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Member of the Month: :iconartdragon1:
For unique style and skill

From now on, Sonic and Shadow are the only Sonic characters that are accepted. They also must be in the SSBB folder!
This also goes to snake, (and.. MR GaW??)

Hello and Welcome! We are a group of people that support our game-designers Nintendo!
Whether it's Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, Zelda, or even Metroid, we have it here!
How to Join:
Just click the "join group" button above. Easy!

To submit, click the "submit art" button above.
We, so far, have not forced this rule, but try to stay 5 or less deviations a day. if we get a spammer, we will press the issue or kick him out of the group.

Go to the deviation(s) you'd like to favorite and click "Add to a Group" then select favorites and type/select our group! Simple!

Are automatically approved! We want to be everybody's friend!

Go ahead and post a Blog Entry. We'd like to know what's up in your life.

1. Be kind to others!
Don't criticize their art!


3. Submit to the correct folder
We will fix it if you misplace

4. Keep it (P)G-rated!
But mature content filters are allowed!

5. OC's are allowed..
..but they MUST be related or with Nintendo characters to qualify!

No Nintendo, No submissions!
you ARE allowed to post ANYTHING with one or more Nintendo characters, and other game characters with him/her (e.i.: Sonic and Kirby)

and most importantly,

Things we DO NOT accept:
Sonic the Hedgehog (sonic and shadow are the only ones allowed in the SSBB folder)
Final Fantasy/Kingdom hearts
Metal Gear Solid (snake allowed in SSBB folder)
If you are unsure about a submission, don't be afraid to ask!

P.S.: If we are missing a folder, or you cannot submit to a certain folder, please contact us, and we'll fix it up immediately!

Group Info

We are a group of people that support our video game designers, Nintendo! Whether it's Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, or even Kirby, this is the place for you!
Founded 12 Years ago
Jun 13, 2010


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Fan Club

3,584 Members
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She Said Yes by SaturnSirene
Legend of Zelda
Link's Rifle by ShroomStudio
Starry Night by Worlem
Cozy Parka by t00n-bb
Enter Urbosa by Smexynation-Lite
Super Mario World
Pikachu | Pokemon by XxShinyJirachixX
Pikachu Maharaja by Au-Plau-Se
Chibi Furret by artsy-mii
Voltorb Buddies by artsy-mii
Spring Breeze From Whispy Woods by sydneypie
Picnic In Prism Plains by sydneypie
Victorian Fairy Queen by sydneypie
Hail To The Mighty Star Warrior by sydneypie
Metroid Zero Mission Mecha Ridley diorama by AKopArt
Metroid 35th Anniversary: Varia Suit by AlexQ214
Zerosuit Samus by volyzsan
Zerosuit Samus by volyzsan
Pokey Means Business! Background 3 by AlexQ214
Novel Ken and Ana by Bluegirl123456
PC-Paula soccer by ninpeachlover
Stuck in mud by Bluegirl123456
Bombchu Lady by MountainSmithy
Tails by rubbe
Amaterasu Figure  by Dissidialex
Mew x Mewtwo Anniversary by DemonMew
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong n Donkey Kong by t00n-bb
DK Jungle - MK7 by AlexQ214
I always knew this day would come... by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Klaptrap sticker design by patapom64
Wario Ware
WarioWare: Smooth Dudes by PLPXPP
5-Volt (Christmas Edition) by Bumpadump2002
5-Volt (WarioWare) by Bumpadump2002
Fire Emblem
Sweet Byleth by Esther-Shen
Ice Climbers
Retro duos (and the winners) by pikachube
Star Fox
Happy Australia Day, Star Wolf! by Sharoncutegirl15
DTIYS - Amy and Peach by LovelyPrincessN64
Kid Icarus
Palutena's Sweet Kiwi Frozen Yogurt by Fallettus
Shantae The Mermaid (coloured) by Imaflashdemon
Skate racing by LovelyPrincessN64
Sonic Codec with Sephiroth by NinStation64
Commission - Date in Lumiose City by PrincessMuffinArt
Lovely Flower Beauty by LovelyPrincessN64
April Fools Contest
School Mistress Bayonetta by ArimaTang
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Happy Vaentines Day by MaarinStandVigilant


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Enlightened-Titan Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hosting a zine.  [ZINE] Sakurai's Super Smashing ScoopsEven though I said that I would be retiring from hosting collabs earlier, I'm still willing to host zines, especially now that I'm less busy. And here it is, our second one. Though zines are techncially fan magazines, the theme will be a visual menu for a Smash Bros.-themed ice cream parlor. This is to pay tribute to Masahiro Sakurai's hard work and celebrate the completion of the SSBU roster, ending with Sora. @Smash-New-Universe will be sharing this project. In the item visuals, characters would be associated with their respective ice cream flavors in various ways (eating, giant food, costumes, SFW transformations, etc.). The deadline will be January 21, 2022.Here are all the rules (Subject to change):There will be 9 menu items (3 x 3) in each page (vertical 8.5 x 11 or A4). That would be 10 pages in total (Or 11 with the extras). I recommend keeping things simple, but creative. Backgrounds are okay.Full bodies are optional.We'll need someone or more to make the logo and/or pages.The ice cream/flavors are the main focus. Stick to the flavor on the list. If you're not sure what the flavor is, do Google it! Some of them are actually fictional (for now), so the best thing to do is be creative.That said, if you don't agree with the flavor, consult @Enlightened-Titan (me), and we'll work something out. While avoiding duplicates, I'm all in for changing flavors when necessary.There will be 90 flavors in total (typically scoops or soft-serve). However, extras can be considered depending on demand.One entry at a time please! Participants can ask for another item, but only after completing one entry. We would like to give many other artists a chance if possible.Handmade drawings only, meaning no tracing or bases whatsoever.No NSFW or lewd content, please. This is an ice cream shop for families (alcoholic items aside).Only simple, non-invasive signatures are allowed. However, if you wish to send us the non-watermarked versions privately, that is fine.As I have a life outside the internet, if I'm not here, another admin should approve your choice.We will occasionally check on you, to make sure you're on task. There will be no individual deadlines as quality is the top priority.We intend to host this zine on Twitter as well.Spread the word if you can!Once the zine is finished, it will be a digital print (PDF) that's free of charge.Finally, here are the ice cream flavors:Mario - Vanilla - AmourshippingisreallDonkey Kong - BananaLink - Key Lime PieSamus - Rainbow Sherbet (Lime, orange, and raspberry)Yoshi - Fruity PebblesKirby - Strawberry - ninpeachlover - DONEFox - Pineapple - VixDojoFox - DONEPikachu - Vegan Golden MilkJigglypuff - Bubble GumCaptain Falcon - Fruit Punch SorbetNess - Chocolate - Kwaku722Luigi - Green Apple Sorbet - LuigiKittyKatZelda - Leche Flan - LovelyUsagiCake - DONESheik - Green TeaPeach - Peach Cobbler - Mary-BellaBowser - Mango Chili SorbetIce Climbers - Cotton CandyDr. Mario - LicoriceGanondorf - Grape SorbetMewtwo - UbeFalco - BlueberryMr. Game & Watch - Black SesameYoung Link - Sweet Cream HazelnutPichu - Lemon Cookie - SW11037Marth - Blue Raspberry - DarkWolfKnight00Roy - Cinnamon Raspberry - CristalMomoStarZero Suit Samus - Bastani Sonnati - ninpeachlover - DONEPit - Honey Fig Greek Froyo (best served on the floor)Wario - Garlic S'moresIke - Pomegranate SorbetPokémon Trainer - Red Velvet - mallowkeySquirtle - Ramune SherbetIvysaur - Strawberry Rose HipCharizard - Raspberry Mango SorbetDiddy Kong - Peanut ButterMeta Knight - PlumLucas - Cookie DoughKing Dedede - SupermanOlimar - Neapolitan (Chocolate + Vanilla + Strawberry)Snake - Rum RaisinSonic - Rocky RoadLucario - Blue Moon - GameArtist1993R.O.B. - Peppermint MochaToon Link - Tropical Fruit Sorbet - FuyuSnowMilk - DONEWolf - Wolfberry (Goji) LavenderRosalina & Luma - Starfruit Sherbet - RosalinasSoulmatePalutena - Kiwi Greek Froyo - FallettusRobin - Cookies ‘n’ Cream - LovelyUsagiCakeLittle Mac - Root BeerGreninja - Blueberry Cheesecake - SnowmanEX711Villager - Apple PieWii Fit Trainer - Low-Fat, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Low-Carb Vegan VanillaShulk - Cranberry Hibiscus SorbetPac-Man - Cherry VanillaMega Man - Blue Electrolyte SorbetMii Brawler - Birthday CakeMii Gunner - Toasted CoconutMii Swordfighter - French Vanilla Frozen CustardLucina - Butterscotch Pecan FudgeDark Pit - Dark Chocolate Greek FroyoBowser Jr. - Spicy GingerbreadDuck Hunt - Maple Bacon WalnutRyu - Pink DragonfruitCloud - Bourbon CaramelCorrin - Choconilla Swirl - NerdyOatmealBayonetta - Earl Grey BoysenberryDark Samus - BlackberryDaisy - Orange Chamomile - FuyuSnowMilk - DONEChrom - Acai SorbetKen - Strawberry CheesecakeInkling - MelonRidley - Iberico Pork BloodSimon - Red Wine SorbetRichter - Pumpkin Spice - DarkWolfKnight00 - DONEKing K. Rool - AvocadoIsabelle - Pistachio AlmondIncineroar - Tiger TailPiranha Plant - Beetroot RhubarbJoker - Blood Orange SorbetHero (not scooped) - Mochi Ice Cream (Ramune, Black Sesame, Mandrin Orange)Banjo & Kazooie - Honey Cornbread - VixDojoFoxTerry - Pina ColadaByleth - Mint Chocolate ChipMin Min - LycheeSteve - Brownie Moose TracksSephiroth - Angel Food Cake - LovelyPrincessN64Pyra - Strawberry Lemonade SorbetMythra - Sour Lemon Sorbet - lonewolf-45Kazuya - Devil’s Food CakeSora - Sea Salt - FuyuSnowMilkExtras:Pokemon Trainer (girl) - Pandan Coconut - ninpeachloverAlph - Blue Majik Java BananaIggy - Jackfruit Cashew (Because he's jacked)Larry - TaroLemmy - Unicorn RainbowLudwig - Elderberry SorbetMorton - CoffeeRoy (Koopa) - Pink Guava SorbetWendy - Cherry SorbetTasty frozen treats are on us!
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Lady Kirlia by LiquidFrogStudios SHINY Goth Braixen by LiquidFrogStudios SHINY ''Alolan'' Vulpix! by LiquidFrogStudios
t00n-bb Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you perhaps make another zelda folder? It has gotten full where it no longer accepts submissions =(
LiquidFrogStudios Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Lady Braixen by LiquidFrogStudios

This group is dead, isn't it?
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SHINY Pikachu! by LiquidFrogStudios
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Just to make sure nobody misses them...

Lady Lopunny by LiquidFrogStudios Krystal - Adventures by LiquidFrogStudios
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I miss click a deviation in Fire Emblem folder
Tindyflow Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2021   General Artist
Would it be possible to set up a F-Zero gallery?
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folders are full fix it please
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The Zelda folder is full.
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Krystal (my all-time favourite vixen) FTW!
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