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Welcome Nintendo Fans!


To join simply click "join our group". You will automatically become a contributor which gives you access to the voting page to which you can vote on whether art should be accepted or not. If you do not wish to become a contributor simply do not join. Instead, just press press the watch button :).

:star: Introduction:star:

This group would prefer your best quality art that you've spent time on and a great deal of effort. We do not want your art that is real sketchy that you've whipped up in a few minutes nor art pieces that lack imagination. We accept your Fan-Art of Nintendo that you've made "from scratch".
See Section 1 for details.

:iconchainchompplz:Section 1: Submission :iconchainchompplz:

This group does not condone copyright infringement. Read Deviantart's Copyright Policy to see what violates the Copyright act and what doesn't. Official game pictures you took from online and posted on your deviant art is not only against the Terms of Service but will not be accepted here.This group does not accept photo-manipulation with official artwork in them, in game screen shots, and Nintendo 3DS snapshots. That includes Brawl shots and characters you've created within the game.

Literature will only be accepted if it is submitted to the correct folder.

Doodles, WIP's (Work in Progress) and scribbles are now allowed in this group! Make sure to submit them to the "WIPs and Sketches" folder.

We will also accept black, and, white, color me, inked art and lineart realism and the like but if the lineart is not cleaned up, too simple or sketchy, then it must be submitted to the "WIPs and Sketches" folder.
Basically, if it looks like you tried to put quality into it, it will be accepted.

A poor quality picture of your art piece will be declined.

Grid art is only accepted if you did not copy the official sprite square for square pixel by pixel. That does not mean one or two squares/pixels off and you can submit it. It has to be completely different than the normal sprites or else it will not be accepted. We consider it lack of imagination and a sketch. Look into the console folder to get a good idea of what we accept as sprites.

No self-photography. We accept Cosplay that looks like you've really tried but we do not accept you just wearing their merchandise. Anyone can put on a Mario shirt. Really.

No pictures of your Nintendo Merchandise. As neat and nerdy as your collection of action figures may be, this club does not accept toys (that are not handmade) or any merchandise. We understand you want to show off your collection, but this group really wants to have creative self-made goodies.

Gijinka's, anthro's, caricatures and the like have to look close to the character you are trying to create to be accepted.

OC's will be accepted if they are not a Mary-sue, super random and don't make any sense, or change the original story in epic proportions. We do not need your sparkly special snowflake saving the day effortlessly nor do we need an "out of character" character that doesn't even match the theme of the game in our folders. Take your OC to other groups on :devart:, there are plenty of other ones out there :3

Art that contains mature content can be submitted to the group only if it is filtered as containing mature content. We wish to keep Nintendo-Fanatics as a group where everyone of all ages can submit their work. Work of this nature should be submitted to the "Ecchi and Other Mature Content" folder.

Please respect your fellow artists and members of this club or you'll get "The Boot". This also means no harsh language unless used in art marked for Mature Content. There will be no spamming, trolling, chain-mails, and other forms of obnoxious harassment. Take it somewhere else.


If not, you will be asked to resubmit and it will cost both you and the Contributors, Co-founders, and Founders time. Consider that hundreds pass through our mail each day and we have to review each one. Repeated failure will result in banning from this group.


1. Nintendo Fanatics do NOT accept journals.

2. Please visit our FAQ's if you have any questions. (It's in process)

:star:Have fun and invite others! (^w^) :star:




The Crane Game by AgentLym August 1rst is Kirby's birthday! The Crane Game by AgentLym

:iconcakelickplz: KirbyHungry by BubbleKirby77 Which means cake and watermelons (Kirby's favorite food) feasting galore~   KirbyHungry by BubbleKirby77 :iconcakelickplz:

So, for the month of August, there will be a Kirby birthday card event where you design a Kirby themed birthday card. It will be a card you can give anyone for their birthday. It will take place the whole month of August, so August 31rst would be the last day of the event so you don't feel pressured to rush~

This is a multi-grouped event and perhaps a contest. August 24 11:59 pm PDT is the ending time for the contest, but the event will be until the end of August! If we can get about 100 participants, we will have a contest!

Most of the event/judging takes place here at :iconthekirbygroup: but there will be other groups joining this event!

So, start procrastinating thinking of what to enter!

KirbyJoyful by BubbleKirby77 General Rules KirbyJoyful by BubbleKirby77
:iconkirbylaplz: As an event, you can post as many B-day card designs as you want. However, as a contest, you can only pick one! Make sure you post the contest to TheKirbyGroup if you would like it to be judged. You can get it removed before the contest ends if you would like to switch before August 24 at 11:59 pm PDT

:iconkirbydummyplz: This can be a traditional card or a digital one. You can make pop up cards, a flattened out clay card, an animated E card, etc! However, I would like it to actually be able to be USED as a birthday card so be sure to put your artist name cleverly in the card so people who share it know who to get more amazing art from.

That being said, make sure you watch the dimensions and do your homework for the size of the digital file. You don't want to have someone wanting to print it out and it be too big or too small!

:Kirbyhiii: by KawaiiKaabii You can have your Oc's for the event, but for the contest NO OC's. Let's keep the contest canon!

:iconkirbynoesplz: No NSFW, think of the children!

:star:Donation of points will be held off until we have enough participants. If you would like to be part of the prizes and have art requests, post your interest here at the TheKirbyGroup's journal so you will not be missed! :star:

If you have any other questions, go ask :iconhumdeedum233:!

Kirby Sleeping by mariomaster88
More Journal Entries








Gallery Folders

Lugia Rise by L-Y-N-S
Autumn garden by warningyou
+ The Great Escape + by L-Y-N-S
Sparkle Fish by L-Y-N-S
-FULL- Pokemon Universe 3
Hydreigon's family by EdCtjr
Zigzagoon Family (Galarian Form) by albrt-wlson
Art Trade Kawitekew! by Silver-Artemis-Moon
Metroid Universe
COM : Super Metroid by whitmoon
Samus Captured 3 (Zero Suit Variant) by hombre-blanco
Samus Aran ~ Portrait in the Stars by StarWolf597
The SA-X by Nintooner
Kirby Universe
Kirby Canvas by Lyavari
'Mario + Luigi' RPG Style: Bandana Waddle Dee by Krazy-Gamer-Play
pats by SNESHarvest
Every Kirby Ever #61 by Colonel-Majora-777
Earthbound Universe
More Earthbound Sprites 5 by Zheyno
| Princess Kumatora | by Ariika-miyon
|Earthbound| Lloyd by Glaciliina
Mother 30th by bad13
Kid Icarus Universe
Goddess of Light, Lady Palutena by blue30-art
An Angel and a Spirit by Multicolored-Man
Pit by Doinkzz
thinking by pastellene
Pikmin Universe
Pikmin Enemies Fiery Dweevil by BonemanCharles
Awakening Wood by HomuPeachy
Needle felted Pikmin by LittleCraftyFriends
Pikmon by callyanncreates
Donkey Kong Universe
Donkey Kong 9-7-2019 by Mbembe
King K. Rool by HassanLechkar
Welcome Aboard! by SpongeTheSquid
Donkey Kong, on the way home after a long day. by The-nostalgia-runs
Star Fox Universe
STARFOX - The Legacy by Kokoro-Tokoro
Starfox Assault: Fox vs Wolf by ArwingPilot114
StarFox Wolfen Redesign by AdamKop
Fox by NoTeethBilly
Animal Crossing Universe
Testing my new markers with Isabelle by earthwar-jim
Isabelle by Freddy-Kun-11
Isabelle by nerdsdrawings
Isabelle by dxcamatic
Fire Emblem Universe
Dragon Corrin by Esther-Shen
Rareware Universe
Banjo-Kazooie are Raring to Go by Mario9919
Sonic Universe
GH-Z Medieval Collab Ray The Flying Court Jester. by GSVProductions
Megaman Universe
Megaman! by Serchz
Splatoon Universe
Battle Ready Marie by M-D-47
Zelda Universe 3
Nighttime Sailing by Alamino
Smash Bros Universe
Art Trade for bitsofstars: Curious Lumas by mrm64
-FULL- Other Nintendo Games and Random Cross
Top 5 Dragon Quest Games - A 'Rank Yours' Entry by NinStation64
Ecchi and Other Mature Content

Mature Content

Link and Bayonettas by Mikki-NSFW
E3 Contest
SONIC BOOM! - Speedpaint Link In Desc. by XanderComicsInc
WIPs and Sketches
Smash7 (+1 uninvited guest): Me and THE BOYS by FeReise
-Full- Super Mario Universe
Luigi's Mansion 2 by Chocosplay
-Full- Zelda Universe
-- Zelda : Child Link -- by Kurama-chan
-Full- Pokemon Universe
Pikachu colored by ClaireCherry
-FULL- Zelda Universe 2
Link (TLoZ: Link's Awakening) by tiomatias by tuamigomatias
-Full- Pokemon Universe 2
Pikachu - Sushi Nights. Pokemon Fan Art by AdrianWolve
-FULL- Super Mario Universe 2
WAAHluigi by Mystar21
Super Mario Universe 3
Traditional art Pauline by JamilSC11
Pokemon Universe 4
Yamper, fetch! by KinokoKoneko
Other Nintendo games and random crossovers 2
Legend of Excalibur by arttoinfinity


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