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There and Back Again by ninquetari There and Back Again :iconninquetari:ninquetari 7 0 With my AI in Thailand by ninquetari With my AI in Thailand :iconninquetari:ninquetari 7 9
Fortune told her many times
Retrospectively, Maya thought, she should have guessed, should have KNOWN – all other signs were right in front of her from the beginning. She could even list all the signs she missed, as well as her mistakenly taken actions.
First, the shooting star. Maya scolded herself mentally for not recognizing it for the omen it, and even worse than that, treating it like any clueless, naïve girl who believes in fairytales does, and wishing upon it. It was a grave mistake, one that had she done back in her training days would have caused her serious troubles with the Academy's headmistress.
Second, the wish itself. How could she be so careless in her word choosing?! "I wish I didn't have to go to work every day?" Seriosly? Why was she surprised, then, when she was fired the next day?
Things went downhill from there. The Third sign was more subtle, hidden between the headlines Google News flashed on her screen. It simply read, "Beware, Maya, you idiot." The Fourth was her decision to r
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View from the Top
Watched from this roof, kilometers from home, it looks like fireworks.
Ella felt torn between fascination and self-disgust. The show was beautiful, in a twisted way; however, there's something sick in watching her town being bombed. Again. Like it had been bombed since she remembers herself.
An alarm was sounded, and the media crew around her announced they're following the Home Front Command, leaving the improvised open-air broadcasting studio in order to take shelter inside. Ten minutes later, Ella laughed nervously at the camera, and admitted she jumped at first, until she remembered she had one-minute-and-forty-five-seconds.
"When you are used to have 15 seconds only, this is more than enough time to enter the safe zone," she smiled at her interviewer. "But being used to it doesn't mean this is normal. It is NOT."
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There were Three Sisters in a Hall
At times, Lachesis wonders what would happen if instead of deciding on a certain length, she'd leave a thread unmeasured, and therefore give a being an unlimited life span. On the one side, Clotho considers, not for the first time, adding colors to the threads she's spinning, for diversity's sake. On the other side, Atropos is the only one who seeks not innovation – modern societies have already opened so many extraordinary options, and she is content.
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Morals for pure, young children
Robert was a young boy. He had loving parents, a younger sister, and a dog. He was usually a nice guy: he was nice to his sister and ate his vegetables. However, he had one main fault: he was a liar. His friends learned very fast to never believe a word he said. His parents didn’t know what to do.
"God hates liars, He forbade lying," they told him again and again. "Also, you are making us very sad. God hates that also. And God punishes those who disobey him."
Robert didn't care. After all, he's been told such so many times, that he thought it to be a lie. Alas, the poor soul!
So Robert continued his lies, until God punished him. Then he stopped telling lies. On his grave, his parents cried, and his sister vowed not to go down this path, so she'd never cause her parents such pain. "Lying is bad," she said. "I don't want to die."
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Multi colored little people
Have you ever looked into children's dreams? Such wonders live there. Take, for example, this sweet little kid over there. Yes, the one who sleeps in the arms of his father. His dreams are still what you'd call psychedelic; but did you ever wonder what creatures create those swirling, colorful patterns?
I can see them, naturally. They're tiny little things, very colorful, and they run fast. Of course, how else could they create those swirling, colorful, blah-blah-blah patterns?
They are quite wondrous, though. And very, very tasty, especially when young.
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On The Tenth
The haunted reflection disappeared slowly as Jack wiped his face clean, but the sad expression remained. He sighed, discarding the dirty cloth. This night has been the worst in a horrible week; he really didn't think he'd be able to continue much longer. The dead girls frequented his nightmares every night, screaming silently for help, their eyes widening in horror upon realizing they volunteered for real death. It's not that he minded killing; after all it was a regular part of the Horror Circus, one of the crowd's favorites, in fact, and something he's been doing for over a year. No, it was the fact that he actually knew the girls this time: they were the two bartenders who greeted him every time he came to drink away his guilty conscience. They silently offered him his regular drink, and not even once had asked questions.
What made them come to that night's show in the first place? He wondered. Usually, both worked the evening shifts; when he cared to think about it, he realized it
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like a marionette
When Judy was five-years-old, her father slapped her for the first time. She dreamed of being a pop-star, he was drunk (though it was not an excuse), and she vowed to never forgive him. By the time she was ten, she learned that shouting curses and fighting back were her best defenses. She still dreamt of glamorous life, of doing whatever she wished for.
Her mother was her first supplier. Not intentionally, nor willingly; but thirteen-years-old Judy found it too easy to steal those cigarettes. After all, they were all over the place (and her mother was too apathetic to care, anyway). She vowed never to become like her mother, but smoking made her part of the cool guys.
At seventeen, Judy's main wish was leaving home, getting as far as she can and never coming back. She was young and strong, and somehow still full of romantic fantasies of the prince who would come to save her. The prince was not exactly handsome, but he made her laugh, and was on his way to glory (or so she thought). So
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On the verge of unofficial war
It's the end of the world as we know it.
By "we", I mean me and those like me: all those who are either too young to remember the last war, or too secure in the center of the land; All those who are used to listen to news about missiles in the south, or bombs in the north, and nod for the poor people who have to suffer it daily. This false feeling of security is over now.
Earlier this evening, when I was at work, a coworker was updated: a real alarm was sounded in our city (for the first time in more than two decades). At that moment, I knew it's the end of the world as I knew it.
Sometime later, when more alarms were sounded, all the people in the area were asked to enter a Merkhav Mugan immediately: we have about a minute and a half to find shelter. I heard teenagers scream in panic as they ran about, trying to find it. I saw others, unable to believe anything would happen, trying to pretend business as usual. Following orders, we closed the store as fast as we could, and join
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Blown up balloons
The red balloon was the last one. All others had fallen long ago, empty and lifeless. Their colorful corpses lay under him, scattered, like the cobbles in Clowns Road. Had someone looked closer, he would've seen the edges were carefully glued to the floor underneath. But no one paid attention: the hall had been deserted long ago.
The red balloon was the last one, and from above he could see the whole picture, and appreciate it better than anyone.
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Ever after
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, give me your hair…"
The whisper was loud enough to wake her up, swirling, caressing her neck like unwanted, cold hands, leaving tingling feeling behind. Shuddering, she forced herself to scan the room, checking for the slightest change in the shadows that danced in accordance with the fire that burned low in the fireplace. Finding nothing, she moved to close the window.
Back in bed, Cinderella clutched the knife she hid under the pillow, and dropped back to sleep, wishing the ghosts of the pass would stop haunting her.
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July 5th, 1961, Tel Aviv
"Did you hear the news?" Ehud stormed into the "T'nuva" restaurant, shooting the question the moment he saw me. It was his way, every time he got excited about something (and mind you, it didn't happen very often). Therefore, I put the current order on the tray, wiped my hands on my white apron, and asked Srulik for a short break.
"What happened?" I asked when we strolled down the street, toward "Vitman". Their ice-cream was the best in the city, and my brother sounded like there was simething special to celebrate.
"It's been announced officially – we launched a rocket successfully this morning!" His excitement barely contained, he continued, "I just heard that. I sat in Kassit, hoping to get a glimpse at Alterman, when Hetzkel told the news. Isn't it wonderful? We've shown the world we are capable of such technology!"
"Very exciting, indeed," I smiled at his infectious smile. "Though if you keep wasting your time at Kassit, you won't succeed in your exams, and no one at Rafael w
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His face taunts me from every corner. Wherever I look, there's his face, spread on covers of magazines. Each and every shiny picture is accompanied by his beautifully designed logo, and a well honed slogan, carefully worded to convey his magnificence and the excitement the readers would feel upon reading the article.
"Hey, Donna, stop staring and get to work."
I blink. "Sorry, May," I reply, rearranging the stack of newspapers I was holding and putting them in place. A quick glance at my phone shows me it's time to open the store's doors. Another long day is about to begin.
A few hours passed, and I managed to ignore my brother's sophisticated smiling face. Mostly, I fixed my glance at other parts of the store, helped costumers and recommended books (as far from the corner as I could). Deep inside I hoped the day would continue this way, with me somehow – somehow – surviving without being recognized and confronted.
"Hey! Donna!" I turn toward the call, recognizing the voice
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I hate my parents. I hate them so much, and I'm never gonna forgive them.
I haven't talked to my mother in 4 years. Seriously. I cannot forgive them for what they did to me. They put me in this wretched place, even though they knew I'd suffer there. And they knew it, I know they did. Because it was horrible there. Even before they sent me, I've heard stories of this so called hospital. Horrible stories. Still, the psychologist they took me to see – which is another person I hope would rotten in hell – convinced them this would be the best place for me. Hah. As if.
I begged them. I really begged them to take me out of that place, but they never listened to my pleas. Even after they saw it only worsened my condition. I told them I'm miserable in the ward, but they did nothing. Nothing at all. Can you believe it?! The shrink convinced them it's just a part of my disorder. But I did suffer there, and the shrink was just another liar. My parents believed her, and always took her
:iconninquetari:ninquetari 1 2
In one minute, I'm supposed to sign in at work. The shift was specifically requested, so I could have all midday to myself. Time is quite relative, especially when you're on adrenaline rush; but there's no way I'll be there on time, not even when using the extended definition.
I'm stuck on the bus. Or rather, I'm travelling (and thank god the traffic is okay), but still, no chance. Basic Math:  travel takes at least an hour, and I only got on the bus at seven-something.
The woman sitting behind me speaks on the phone. Apparently, she's a photographer who wants exclusivity on a certain event, for which she's hired. On my right, a girl wonders how to get to the address she was given.
She has a 6-months-old baby at home. This is why she desperately needs advertising. She's been out of business for too long.
Somewhere in the back of the bus, a mother is trying to keep her kids busy. They are singing together. Cute voices, but not exactly what I'd like to hear right n
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Surprise! I'm back.

Or at least, back for a visit. Not that I ever really announced leaving, or consciously decided to leave. It just that life happens.

Almost three years passed since I was last active (not counting popping in for short visits). Three years. Seems like a long time when put this way, though during them it felt like no time at all. Many things happened these years. Thinking back while writing these words, I realize even more things happened than even I realized a moment ago. I went through tough times, struggled with myself, tried to keep head over water... and I am in a better place nowadays, no doubt; though the road never ends. Equilibrium is hard to get, and even more hard to keep. It is - I am - so fragile.

Jewish New Year is always a good time for reflection and decisions.

Last year I had no idea where I'm going career-wise. I still don't really know, but when I faced decision I chose a promotion at work to a more challenging job. Thankfully, when I look back now I think this is one of the best decisions I made (and I've made so many wrong ones along the way...). I learned A LOT during the last (almost) year, faced some great fears, went through stressing experiences and not only survived but found my way to cope (a bit) better.

Now I think I'm ready for a few more challenges. Maybe this year I'll find the right balance between work and hobbies (dA included). Maybe this year I'll face a few more inner demons, ones that I waited facing until after conquering others, more burning ones. Maybe this year I'll finally acquire the necessary skills of efficient time management.

Maybe this year I'll find an answer to the most important question I struggle with for a very long time: Purpose*. Or maybe I'll admit that I know my answer and will finally find the way, as well as the courage, to grow towards minimizing the cognitive dissonance I have.

* You're more than welcome to share your thoughts on the subject. While I'm not always comfortable continuing a long discussion, lacking the ability to express my thoughts coherently, afraid of facing some of my thoughts, or simply having no time to reply thoroughly, I DO want to read opinions. It usually helps me clear my own thoughts, bring new POVs, or confront me with things I missed\repressed.

Maybe this year I'll find the balance between focusing on me and focusing on others.

So, thank you. Whether you've read through or jumped to the end, whether you stuck with me and wondered how I'm doing or just popped in now, whether you comment or not. Thank you.

Many of you wrote about struggling, and I'd like to shout out my admiration for all of you who keep going. Also, sometimes it doesn't look like it or feel like it, but in the end I think all of us are struggling with things - some of them more dire than others, some of them not - but we're all human beings.

I wish you all a better year. May it be a year of achievements, of growing, of health, of friendships, of hope.

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