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Xotiathon: Yrr (Spectator)
By Ninpisn   |   Watch
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Published: September 27, 2017
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Quick ref of Trr's cousin, Yrr, who will be a spectator/accompanying him during the tournament!
Here's Trr who's actually participating~ Xotiathon: Trr by Ninpisn

Yrr Laits
Alias/Nickname: "Grrr" (Trr calls her that) 
Species: Tentatiives (related to Trr's species, basically the land version)
Country/Planet/Home: Tavetiles 

Age: 246 (24 In human years) 
Height/Weight: 5'7 ft, 643 pounds 
Gender: Female

Reason for entering: A large increase in natural disasters have left almost all of the planet's crops and livestock devastated, Trr hopes to help replace/replenish them by bringing back new seeds/plants. She wants to accompany Trr during this competition to give moral support and help him around. 

Strengths: ~Good stamina, not super fast but can keep up a steady pace
~Quite intelligent/perceptive, she is a fast learner and is quick to understand things 

Abilities: Can knit a mean sweater

Weaknesses: ~fragile for her size, her skin is weaker then normal and can be damaged more easily
~Poor vision, nearsighted and has trouble seeing farther then roughly an arms length away, it starts becoming blurry and she tends to squint a lot 

Personality: She's quite bitter and sarcastic. She's friendlier however around closer friends and Trr. Very introverted which causes her to be a bit more flustered in front of crowds. (but she'll try and suppress that and act more collected)

History: At the time the natural disasters started occurring her family set out to help others and repair their home. Fearing the storms would strike again and due to her weaker performance, Yrr was tasked with looking after her younger cousin Trr and to travel farther inland to help avoid the coming disasters. While hesitant towards having to look after the other she slowly but surely bonded with him. She grew to really care for him.They became nomads who roamed through the inland area of the planet scavenging for resources. A little over a year and a half before the tournament she was contacted by their grandfather of news of the competition. He was on an out of planet trip looking for ways to help their food situation and general help for the planet. He soon found about Xotiathon and wanted Trr to look into it as he was the stronger of the two. Trr agreed to go and Yrr felt compelled to accompany him throughout the competition to look after him. A year later they hopped onto a shuttle and headed off to their uncertain future.

Likes: Naps, literature, knitting/sewing, bad puns 

Dislikes: swimming, savory foods, crowds, small/confined spaces 

Other: ~Her neck is really flexible
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OfficialEmzily|Hobbyist Digital Artist
lets unite fellow bird boi
we may be fighting at one point but its nice to see a fellow feathered fren for now
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Ninpisn|Student Digital Artist
Oh sure haha! This is my spectator chara though, but my main guy participating would totally be friends!
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