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:iconninmaster712:NinMaster712 posted a status
Hey, guys, I just waned to share this awesome service with you guys called AppNana. AppNana is a free app that allows you to install other apps, watch videos, play games, etc. in exchange for Nanas, which you can exchange for money cards for Amazon, Steam, iTunes, etc. All you guys have to do is log onto the website on iOS devices or download the AppNana app on Android devices. One last thing... once you earn 15,000 Nanas (which doesn't take long, since you start with 10,000 Nanas and get a daily bonus of 400), you can enter in a referral code to earn 2,500 Nanas for both people. Here's mine:


Remember, if you enter this code, not only are Nanas added to MY account, but YOURS as well. Try it out. It's awesome. ^_^

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