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:iconninmaster712:NinMaster712 posted a status
Super addicted to Yo-Kai Watch..... and no, I didn't get the game. I'm practically glued to the screen watching episodes of the anime on YouTube. It's on Disney XD, Teletoon, and TV Tokyo. If you don't get any of those channels because it's not available in your country or it isn't in your subscription package, the episodes are available. Just look up the user mewtwo7778. Mewtwo (not the real Mewtwo, the YouTuber) uploaded all 10 episodes so far. There are so many Yo-Kai! There's Jibanyan, Wazzat, Manjimutt, Fidgephant, Pikachu, JonTron, Deez Nuts, Wikipedia, Bob Saget... AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH..... I'm telling you, I'm addicted to this anime. PikaLuigiGirl , if you're reading this, you should watch the anime. Or play the game, or whatever.

Please excuse me as I print the theme song lyrics for all to sing along.

Gera Gera Po, Gera Gera Po (Whoo!)
Gera Gera Po, Gera Gera Po (Come on!)
So sit back, here's their story
Nate say "Hey YO no!"
Whisper go cracka-lacka-boom-boom
There's more Yo-Kai than taters in Idaho
Like Cheeksqueek and his popo
Feel that there? Way down low?
Fidgephant makes you need a quick commode
All is Gerap Po, turn back the clock yo
Ha ha! See what we can see!
Oh my lost friend, who cares for him?
A home is what he so needs
Kids in this town
They have family
He wants that safety
With nightfall comes great danger
And things go from strange
To so much stranger
Gera Gera Po, Gera Gera Po (Yeah!)
Gera Gera Po, Gera Gera Po (It's easy, come on!)
Those Yo-Kai
Make life awry
'Cause he's got that Yo-Kai...
Yo-Kai Watch!
Whoa yeah!
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