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School Comic by NinMaster712 School Comic by NinMaster712
Just a little thing I made recently that I wanted to put up, since I haven't uploaded ANYTHING in literal months.


"Whoa, a traditional piece of art that isn't an art dump AND a new watermark/insignia?! Noice!"


This is the crap I have to deal with. EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. DAY. If you don't get it, let me explain.

Schools are required to restrict certain websites with a security filter. That I respect. I CAN'T respect, however, when this year, they decided to choose Smoothwall, the STRICTEST system EVER. Seriously.

As for the context in the comic itself, I was working on a memoir project for Honors Lang & Lit 1 (I picked The Glass Castle). One of the requirements was to find similar books and list them. I did a quick Google search, went onto a GoodReads book listing and found As Nature Made Him, a memoir about a boy who had to surgically change gender. I thought this sounded cool, but when I clicked it, Smoothwall blocked it, obviously because of "medical information" and "sexuality sites", but I am not kidding when I say that one of the categories was just straight-up "books". It was blocked... because it was a freaking book. Why not?!

Anyway, in my Cartooning class (which PikaLuigiGirl also takes, FYI), we had to make comics around making fun of a class, teacher, or aspect of the school. I chose the obvious. If you feel or have felt my pain, comment below.


I may post some pictures of my O.C.s, too... eventually. And no, not fanmade Animal Crossing characters like in my stories, honest-to-God original characters.
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October 14, 2016
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