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The next morning, Isabelle stretched as she woke up. She began to sit up, but stopped when she began to feel something... mushy. "Please tell me that's not--" She had filled her diaper while she was asleep. Bedwetting was one thing, but pooping in her sleep? "Why and how could this have happened?" the shih tzu asked herself in her head.

She attempted getting her brother's attention. "Digby... Digs... Digby..."

"Mmm... huh? Good morning, baby sister! How was the rest of--" He sniffed the air. "Ugh! What smells?"

"Well... ummm... uh... I... maybe might have..." Suddenly, she felt herself freeze for a few seconds as her brain completely shifted gears. "Baby make poopy!"

"Oh, does wittle Izzy need a change?"

"Yeah, yeah!" the baby Isabelle said as her brother picked her out of her crib and carried her over to the changing table. He untaped and removed her dirty diaper and wiped her butt and privates clean.

Once Digby was done wiping her, Isabelle all of a sudden changed back to her normal state. "Digby? Why am I naked on the changing table?"

"You needed a change," he told her as he held up her stinky nappy. Isabelle's cheeks were progressively becoming a darker red color the more Digby stared at her.

"Ummm... do you think you could please put a clean diaper on me?" Isabelle asked with puppy eyes. Digby quickly obliged, sliding a clean diaper under her rear and taped it together.

A few seconds after he did that, Jack and Jill came through the door with white boxes. "Food's up!" Jill said, in her best waitress voice.

"What's all this for?"

"Jill is actually a great cook--"

"What do you mean 'actually'?!" Jill asked, punching him in the arm.

"Ow! Anyway, she made some breakfast for everyone, which we brought in these white boxes."

"Sweet! What did she make?" Digby asked, excitedly.

"Eggs, bacon, blueberry pancakes, yeah, she's got it covered. The sad part is, every time I tried to make something, it ended up as a misshapen blob or a burnt mess, ha-ha!" Jack chuckled.

"Alright, enough blabbing, let's dig in!" Jill interrupted, hungry for one of her pancakes. So the three of them started eating as Jack fed Isabelle a bottle of milk (this time not spiked with chocolate laxatives). When she was all finished, he burped her and had her stand up when... she just collapsed.

"What? Isn't this where she's supposed to switch back to her old self again?" Jack asked as Isabelle crawled away. "Hey... Isabelle?" Jack asked her. She responded with unidentifiable prattle and a very cute giggle.

"This is really bizarre..." Jill said, clearly worried.

"Should we go see a doctor, Mayor?"

"No, Digs... we're going to see... a true professional..." The four of them (with Jack carrying Isabelle) proceeded to walk to see Katrina, the local fortune teller.

When they got there, she was staring off, into space, as usual. "Hello? K-Katrina?" Jack asked, entering the fortune teller's roomy tent. She was in the back, practicing using her new crystal ball.


"Oh, hello, Mr. Jack," she said in her soothing voice. "What brings you here?"

"Well, you see, it's actually a long story... To make it short, I hypnotized Isabelle here and now I can't unhypnotize her!"

The panther looked down at the shih tzu sitting on the ground, sucking her thumb and wetting her diaper. "I see..."

"Do you think you can help us with her?"

"Mayor, I don't mean to be a stick in the mud, but I've never seen anything like this... ever..."

"Do you know anyone who has?"

"Sorry," she said, shaking her head no. "I am only a fortune-teller, not a witch."

"And the only witch I know only appears during Halloween..." Digby quietly added.

Jack gave him a confused look before turning back to Katrina and sadly said, "Thanks for your help anyway, Katrina. If you find anyone who can help, you know where to find us."

"Absolutely. Farewell, Mayor."

The four walked outside (technically three, since Digby carried Isabelle) to think about what to do.

"Do you think that this is going to last forever?"

"Not at all, it's only hypnosis. It should clear up in a short while... I hope..." Jack's pocket started buzzing right at that moment. He pulled out his phone and saw a notification for the town hall message bin. "It really is a wonder what technology can do nowadays." He ran back to the town hall, the others quickly following (except Digby, who was still carrying Isabelle).

Once he got there, Jack checked the bin to find...


I know you are really busy with
your big town, but I just wanted to
check up and see if you were still
available to help me with the thing...
If you can't, that's fine, but I
really need someone else to make
this finish faster.

Your cousin,


"What is it?" Jill asked.

"I forgot that my 7-year-old cousin--"

"You have a LITTLE COUSIN?! How CUTE!!!"

"Yeah... I forgot that he needed my help setting something up in his town... some kind of... 'Amiibo Festival', whatever the hell THAT is..."


"He wants me to help him because he's new to this kind of thing and can't do things as quickly, but I really need to take care of Isabelle... and I just forgot about it..."

"Just go."


Digby handed Isabelle to Jill and walked up to Jack. "Just go and help your cousin. Jill can handle Izzy, right?" he asked, looking back at her.

"Uh... sure. In fact, I guess YOU could go with Jack to help Andy."

"Yeah, so just-- what?!"

"We'll be fine, Digs. After all, Andy might really need a THIRD set of strong arms."

"D-Did you just say I'm strong?"

"Okay, sorry to break up the chit-chat but we really gotta go. Bye, Jill!" he said as he and Digby walked off towards Andy's town.

"Bye, Jack!" she called out, waving.

Jill took Isabelle inside and said to herself, "Alright, Jilly... you can do this. You've babysat people before... an anthropomorphic shih tzu shouldn't be that much different..."

Isabelle then did something very unexpected. She stood up and ran into another room, dragging Jill with her. "Huh-- Wha-- What the hell is going on here?!"

The room they ran into was pitch black and somewhat empty, aside from a bed in the corner. Isabelle turned on the lights. Jill was extremely surprised and confused. "Isabelle? Y-You're... you're back to normal! We need to go chase after Jack and Digby to tell them--"

"You... you shouldn't..."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

Isabelle blushed, hid her face, and said, "I've been like this... the entire time..."

"What do you mean, 'the entire time'?"

Isabelle hesitated before tears started forming in her eyes. "T-T-This whole time... th-this whole baby act was j-j-just a g-guise..." she stumbled as she started to cry.

Puzzled and shocked, Jill asked her about everything. "Didn't Jack hypnotize you?"

"I ignored the hypnotism and put on a guise for him and Digby..."

"What about the spiked milk?"

"I felt I tiny bit of tummy trouble on the way to get Jack, so I figured it was a laxative."

"Well, why do you choose to do the babyish things, like eat baby food and use your diapers, even when they aren't around?"

Isabelle hung her head low and sat down on the bed. "I... I don't know. I guess it's because I don't want Jack to be disappointed in me... after the train incident... If I was to ever expose that I was faking all of this, he may be ashamed and embarrassed of me..."

Jill couldn't help but have some tears starting to fall down her face. She hugged the pup and sat down next to her. "Don't worry, I'm sure he'll understand."

"B-But... after what happened on the train a while ago... I'll never live that down..."

"Hey, accidents happen," Jill calmly said. "It'll pass by and be forgotten eventually."

"Y...You really think so?" Isabelle asked. Jill nodded in response. With a smile, she gave Jill a large hug. "Thank you so much for understanding...!" she cried.

Jill wasn't expecting this response, but she gladly accepted it. "N-No problem... Listen, anytime you have something on your mind, you can tell me. We're gal pals now."

With a smile, Isabelle said, "Okay... thanks, Jill..." She then blushed before feebly saying, "You wanna know something?"


"I... I..."

"You... what?"

Isabelle didn't want to say it, but she still felt like she had to tell her friend. "Well... I kinda... don't mind wearing these diapers..."

"Whoa, really?"

"Yeah... I mean, I don't like USING them--"


"--but there just seems to be something about them that just seems... cute?" Isabelle was ready for Jill to start teasing her about this new liking... but that never happened.

"I guess that makes sense," she said with a grin. The two hugged again.

The rest of the day flew by, just the two girls socializing until the night came, when Jack knocked at the hall doors.

"Oh my gosh, that's gotta be Jack... I'll have to tell him..." Jill thought as she glanced over at Isabelle.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" she said through her expression. Jill gestured (with her eyes) towards the door. "Ohhhh, right." Isabelle then fell onto the floor, staring at Jill like a curious toddler.

Once she knew the guise was set, she opened the door. There stood Jack, with bags under his eyes and his coat on upside-down.

"Yikes," Jill said, once she saw him. Isabelle just babbled in baby-talk as she crawled over.

"Yeah, you're telling me..." Jack groaned, "The little guy wanted me to work on this 'Quiz Show'... he had me set up all the lights and think of all the questions..."

"Wow. Where's Digby?"

"He went home already."

"Must have been really tired..." Jill thought.  "How many questions did you write?" she asked.

"Around a hundred or so...  Not only are the rules of the quiz ridiculous as hell, but I am SERIOUSLY aching all over... Plus, I need some sleep... Guess I'll get some when I take care of Isabelle tonight--"

"No! N... No..."


"Uhhh... you can trust me for tonight."

"Oh, no, it's fine. I can manage to..." He was interrupted by a yawn.

"I think you should just go home... you look like a complete wreck. You can trust me."

Jack thought for a bit before agreeing. "Okay," he said with another yawn. "I'll be back tomorrow."

"Bye..." With that, Jack walked out the door. Jill didn't tell Jack about Isabelle, since she felt that the pup probably needed a day or two to calm down. She also wanted her friend to sleep easy, not thinking about Isabelle.

Speaking of, Isabelle got up and said, "So... I guess I should just get some sleep?"


Jill led Isabelle to the back room with the crib and started to pick her up. "Wait."


"Do I really still have to sleep in here? Jack and Digby aren't here..."

"Well, it's this, sleeping next to me, or sleeping on the floor. Which one?"

After some thinking, Isabelle said, "I guess the crib will do." Jill placed her into the large crib and said good night. "Good night, Jill." She slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Jill was about to walk back out and finish some of Jack's work for him, when she spotted a package of diapers out of the corner of her eye. She thought for a bit before grabbing one and heading back to the mayor's desk.

Once out in the light again, she observed what was in her hands: a small white diaper with a light-green balloon pattern on it.

She thought about what Isabelle had said earlier: "There just seems to be something about them that just seems... cute?"

Jill sighed and thought, "I can't believe I'm doing this, but..." She opened the padding up as she set out Isabelle's changing mat. She pulled down her undies and slid the diaper underneath herself. She powdered herself in the front and back, cringing at the odd feeling. She pulled the front up and taped it at the sides before standing up.

She looked down at the diaper, which was now around her waist. No one was watching her, but she still blushed and tried covering it up with her skirt.

"This is so weird, and yet... so... cute... Wow, Isabelle was right," she said, taking a second to observe it from an above angle. "It wouldn't hurt to get used to this, right?"

She didn't want to have to bother someone to get her clothes, so she just checked what was at the office. She only managed to find Isabelle's baby clothes, so she had to wear those or just wear what she was already wearing. Those options or... "Ugh, no," Jill said, cringing. She decided to just keep what she already had on.

Jill walked back into the other room, her diaper crinkling and the floor creaking with each step. She bit her lip as she tried walking on tiptoe.

Once she reached the other bed, she took off her shoes and socks and flopped onto the somewhat stiff mattress. She pulled the sheet over her shoulder and finally fell into a relaxing slumber.

Later that night, Isabelle woke up, whimpering. She looked around, and breathed a sigh of relief. "I really need to just relax about this whole thing." She glanced over at the clock on the wall. "2:24? I could still get a few more hours before the sun rises..."

She then smelled something odd. It smelled like... urine. "Aw man, I probably peed myself again..." She got up and checked her diaper. It was completely dry. She thought, "Hmmm? Then if it's not me, then where is that stench coming from...? Eh, I probably shouldn't worry; it's probably just some new disinfectant Jack got..." and slowly fell back to sleep.
"Finally, Chapter 3 of Isabelle Begins Anew!" Thaaat's riiiight! The continuation of the story requested by NickFielder0325 is finally here! As for the request for sleepy-bella-1583 , I am so sorry, I kinda got it buried in my other memos, so I really wanted to continue it. As for how much I finished, it's about halfway done, so... hope for the best.
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