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The next morning, Isabelle woke up, but was confused. "Wait... why was I sucking my thumb?" the babied shih tzu thought as she looked around. "And how am I in a crib?" She looked at her sleeves. "And when did I decide to wear a pink onesie?" She looked over and saw her brother sleeping in a bed on the other side of the room. "Digby?"

The brown shih tzu woke up, stretched, and looked over. "Good morning, baby!"

"What? Why are all of these baby things set up? A crib, a changing table, a stroller?"

"You're a wittle baby now, Izzy."

"I don't understand any of this... I'm getting out of this thing," the pup said as she began to climb out of her crib.

"I wouldn't do that if I was in your place..."

"Huh?" The dog fell out, plummeting towards the wooden floor and landed chest-first on the floor. Her hypnosis snapped in and she began bawling like a real baby.

"Awww... come here, baby..." Digby scooped up the pup and saw that she had a black-and-blue spot on her knee. "There, there..." he whispered as the puppy's cries turned into minor whimpering. He walked over to the mayor's desk, still holding Isabelle, and grabbed a bandage out of one of the drawers. He placed Isabelle onto the mayor's desk and said, "Here's a bandage for your boo-boo, sweetie..." as he put it on the knee of the sniffling shih tzu.

As soon as he did that, Isabelle snapped back to herself and said, "Hey, Digby. Why is there a bandage on my knee?"

"You kind of fell out of your crib as you were climbing out... Are there any other questions you would like to know answers to?"

"Why does Jill always tackle Jack and call him Jackie?"

"Well, we may never know," he replied sarcastically as the boy walked in the door.

"Good morning, Mayor!" both of the dogs cheered out.

"Morning, Dig. Good morning to you too, you cute wittle thing!" he said, pinching her cheeks.

"Please... don't."

"So, Digby, did anything happen when you were watching her?" Jack said, not paying much attention to Digby.

"She fell out of her crib."



"Alright... I guess I should get you changed into your everyday clothes. He carried Isabelle over to the back room. He placed her down on the ground and got out a light-blue t-shirt with a rainbow on it and matching pants. "Just gotta get you out of that onesie..."

"What? No, please, I can do this myself!"

"Well, you need to be taken care of by me and Digby, so you stay in those pajamas for eternity or I change your clothes."

Isabelle thought for a bit before muttering, "Fine. Change my clothes."

Jack smiled and pulled down the zipper on the back of her onesie. It immediately fell down, revealing a diaper with a large pale-yellow stain on it. "I guess our little piddlepants needs her diaper changed, too."

Isabelle thought, "What? There's a dry yellow stain on my diaper? But that means... but... how?! I outgrew bedwetting when I was in first grade...!"

"Come on," Jack said as he carried Isabelle over to the changing table. He laid her down and got out a fresh diaper and baby powder.

"Y-You really don't need to do this..." Isabelle whimpered as the mayor untaped her diaper.

"Yeesh. I'm surprised no one teased you by calling you 'Whizzy Izzy'..."

Digby popped in by the door and said, "I may have actually called her that once... or twice..."

"Not helping, Digs," Jack called back as he tore off Isabelle's wet diaper and tossed it in the diaper pail. He grabbed the fresh diaper and slid it under her. Then, he applied powder to her and taped the new diaper to her.

"Thanks, Jack..."

"No problem." Quickly, before Isabelle got up, he got out a pocketwatch and began to hypnotize Isabelle again.

When he came back out with a stunned Isabelle, Digby asked him, "I heard you hypnotizing her, but what did you have her do now?"

"Well, this time I hypnotized her to act like a baby when I burp her or she's playing."

"So you didn't brainwash her when it came to her diaper yet?"

"I decided to give her one more day to act like herself when the time comes."


Isabelle came to again and said, "So, what's for breakfast? I'm starving!"

"Well, I got a bottle of milk for you, wittle sweetie!"

Isabelle let out a babyish giggle before quickly covering her mouth. "Did I just do that? This is so bizarre..."

Jack went to the mini-fridge as Digby was brewing up coffee for the two of them. "Good thing I bought a baby bottle heater. I wouldn't want to burn my baby because of unequal microwave radiation."

"Me neither," he said, getting donuts out of a box.

"When did you get donuts?"

"That one donut shop over by Able Sisters, Kowbell Kreme's, apparently does delivery and they came when you were changing Izzy's diaper."

"O... kay then..." Jack awkwardly responded as he pulled out Isabelle's bottle. He placed it in the heater and turned it on. He then gave Isabelle some blocks to trigger her baby mental state before signing various papers.

A few minutes passed before the warmer let out a ding. "Hey, Digby, can you take care of the milk?"

"Sure thing."

"Great. You're a big help," he said, walking backwards into a wall when trying to get into the bathroom. "Oof! Heh-heh... the wall... eh... I'll just... yeah."

Digby took the milk out of the warmer. He thought for a bit, deciding to play a small prank on his twin sister. He pulled a small lavender-shaded packet out of his pocket, took the top off of the bottle, and poured a small amount of the contents into the milk.

He then heard a jingle and a vibration coming from his pants. He pulled out his phone and read the time. "9:15. Frick, I'm gonna be late!" He quickly scribbled on a sticky note and bolted out the door.

Jack came out of the bathroom a few seconds after and called out for Digby. "Digs! Digby? You still here?" He found the note on the desk and read it.

"Dear Mayor Jack,

I had to hurry out
so that I wasn't late
for the Mirrorland Bingo
Tourney. I apologize if this
displeases you.

-Substitute Secretary Digby"

"Alright, then..." He then noticed a lavender-colored packet on the counter next to the bottle. "Hmm... what's this stuff?" He sniffed it. "It smells like chocolate... Well, everyone likes chocolate..." He dumped the rest of the brown powder into the bottle and mixed it up.

"Izzy!" Once she heard her name, baby Isabelle crawled over to him. He picked her up and fed her the milk. She drank it all up. Once she was done, Jack burped her and set her down before she snapped back to her old self.

"What is this stuff on my lips?" She licked it all off. "Hmm. Chocolate." She looked around for her brother, but he was nowhere to be found. "Where's my brother?"

"He went to a bingo tournament. I guess we should go and get him. I need to shop for some more pens, anyway."

"O-Okay..." Jack gathered up his backpack and the two headed for Digby.

Some time had passed as Digby was deep in concentration on his board.

"B6," Tom Nook, the number caller announced.

"Oh, bingo! Bingo!! BINGO!!!" the dog cheered out, waving his hand around.

"Can someone please check that annoying brown dog's bingo card?"

A checker came over and Digby recognized him. "Resetti?! You're working here?!"

"Sssh! Keep it down! This is only a part-time job... If you say anything to this about anyone, I swear I will find your mayor's town and RESET IT. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"Y-Yes, s-s-sir..."

"Alright. Hey, Tom, the annoying shih tzu has a fair bingo."

"Okay. Congratulations, Digby, please pick out your prize," the caller gestured for him to come up.

"Awesome!" Digby thought as he walked up to the prize desk and picked out a blue cap. He put it on and said, "I'm satisfied with my prize, sir."

"Very well. You may leave now."

Digby walked out with pride, only to (literally) run into Jack. "You're done already?"

"Yeah, and I got this swag hat!"

"That's... nice... Digs..."

Isabelle chimed in, saying, "Okay, reunion's over, now let's get out of here." Suddenly, her stomach growled. "Gah... I don't feel good, On second thought, Jack... can we stop somewhere on the way?"

"But you're already wearing your bathroom. It's called a DIAPER."

"I'm not using it in public! I guess I can hold off until we get back to Tomodachia..."

"Are you sure? It's a while back and--"

"I can handle it."

"Okay, then..."

The three walked for a bit until they found a marketplace. Many people were shouting out to them so they could come to their stands.

"Fresh fruit! Fresh apples, berries, pears, bananas, and even cheesy space apples... you name it, I've got it!" said an elephant from one stand.

"Video games! Old NES games, only at this stand!" said a cat from another.

"Check out our comic series, Melee In The Middle!" two oddly-dressed people simultaneously called out.

"I can't find the... oh, there it is. The writers' stand! I'll be just a quick second," he told the shih tzu twins as they followed him to the stand. "One packet of pens, please."

"That'll be 10 bells, please," the girl said. She had a large raincoat on for no good reason.

"You sound familiar..."

"What? I can assure you that THAT is not the case."
Jack looked slyly at the mystery girl's face behind the coat and was able to make out red glasses. "Are you sure... Jill?"

"J... Jack?" She shoved part of her disguise off to see her handsome friend. With a gasp, she cried out, "Jackie, you're here!" as she threw off all of her fake clothes.

"I'd be happy to help you out, Jack. 10 Bells, please." He gave her the Bells as she gave him the multi-colored pens."

"So... why are you selling stuff at this stand, anyway?"

"Well..." she said with a sigh. "I need some help. Some of Pinkieville's inhabitants are leaving, and it's really stressing me out."

Jack saw her shed a single tear. He couldn't help but sympathize for his girlfriend. "I guess... you can move in with me."

"Really?! Oh, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!" Jill shouted while giving him a large bear-hug.

"I-It's nothing, really... I just wanted to help my GF with her stress..."

They hugged some more, even kissing each other. "Awwwwwww..." the twin dogs let out. Jack gave them a look from the corner of his eye and they stopped.

"By the way, I have something to tell you..."

"Yeah, Jack?" He began to explain to her (in private) about everything that had happened, from the train incident up until that moment. "Oh my... okay, I promise I won't say anything to her."

"You sure?"

"Cross my heart."

"Okay. The two walked back over to the dogs and said, "Alright, let's get out of here." The foursome started to walk some more until Isabelle clutched her gut and groaned in pain again. "Are you okay, Isabelle?!"

"Yeah, my stomach really aches, though..."

Digby replied with, "Laxatives may or may not do that to someone."

Both Jack and Jill said, "Whaaaat?!"

Jack asked, "Why do you say that?"

"Well, I may have put some powdered laxatives in her milk earlier, but I didn't intend for the effects to be this intense, honestly!"

"Uh oh.." Jack mumbled.


"Was it a brown chocolate-scented powder in a lavender-colored packet?"

"Ummm... yeah?"

"Well... out of curiosity, I may have dumped the rest of the powder in Isabelle's milk..."


Isabelle's stomach growled a bit more as she fell onto her knees in pain. "Please... can we get going now?"

"I think you should really use the bathroom before we head back..." Jack said with a worried look on his face.

"O-Okay. Let's go..."

The three headed out with Isabelle slowly following them, in pain and desperate for a bathroom.

"Sheesh," Jack said. "This place is more confusing than Pinkieville..."

"Yeah... wait, what's that?" Jill pointed to a sign far in the distance. She adjusted her glasses and tried to make out the sign. "Eh... ex-- EXIT!"

"Yes! Nice work! Now let's get out of this place. Not that this isn't a bad town, but DC really needs to make it less meandering."


"No one."

The three ran ahead, leaving Isabelle behind. "Guys... please... wait up..." she squeaked as she attempted to walk forward with all of the pain. She farted a few times, still taking small steps until she tripped on a rock and fell down, revealing a small part of her diaper.

"Isabelle!" the other three cried out as they turned around and saw their diapered friend lying on the ground.

"I-I-I'm fine guys... really..." Isabelle bent over to get up. Bending over was the worst thing to do in a situation like that.

As soon as she bent over to stand back up, the seat of her diaper began to bulge out as a stench similar to that of rotten eggs escaped into the air.


She was loading her diaper.

Jack wanted to help her out, but was too in shock as Isabelle finished releasing a large load of poop into her padding.

"I am so so so so sorry, Is," Jack said, staring at what was in front of him: Isabelle, his hard-working and young ex-secretary, was standing in front of him in tears, wearing her summer dress and a diaper, which was now sagging with a small brownish spot on the bottom of it.

"I-It's okay..." Isabelle sadly replied, in between sniffles. "I-I-I hope no one saw this..."

"Well..." Digby replied with an anxious look on his face. Isabelle had forgotten that she had messed her diaper in front of everyone at the marketplace. Some stand owners just stared in shock, but some laughed and taunted the babied puppy.

"Need a diapey change, baby? Nurr-hurr-hurr!"

"Ha, why don't you just crawl back to your crib and cry?"

They continued laughing some more until she confronted the one who started the mockery, a walrus, with an angry look on her face and said, "Now you listen here, you blubberbutt! I'm not going to just let you and everyone else here mock me because of my forced babying, so you can just--"

Isabelle froze as she felt herself losing control and dumping another log of crap into her diaper. That just made the shop owners laugh even harder. Some of them, however, didn't laugh. They literally shouted at the other standkeepers.

"If she's a baby for wearing diapers, doesn't that make YOU a baby for not being enough of a man to WEAR the effing things?" the cat from the game stand shouted out.

"Pick on someone your OWN size!" said a cow from another.

"Mind your own beeswax next time you see someone with weird stuff!!!" the boy with the glasses from the comic stand shouted out. The girl at the stand with him nodded in agreement.

The minor arguments quickly escalated into a massive riot with all of the shop owners quarreling with each other over a completely ridiculous matter, being Isabelle's diaper. Isabelle ended up pooping again in fear of the taunts.

"I... think we should get out of here..." Jill muttered. "Permission to dash out of this--"

"Permission granted!" Jack interrupted as he, Jill, Digby, and Isabelle ran off. At least, the first three ran. Isabelle dashed as fast as a shih tzu with a full diaper could travel.

They ran until they were completely out of the view of the stand owners. In between deep breaths, Jack grumbled, "Stupid... asthma... is everyone okay?" Isabelle responded by ejecting more crap into her already-sagging diaper. "I'll take that as a 'definitely no'..."

"How much longer to Tomodachia, anyway?" Jill asked.

"Well, I took a bus, so I don't know," Digby said.

"Same," Jack replied. "And there isn't a station close to hear, so I guess we should walk the rest of the way."

"Fine..." Jill groaned. The four continued walking, stopping occasionally so Isabelle could catch up, due to her sagging diaper slowing her down.

The group must have walked for a half hour before reaching Tomodachia. Jack groaned and said, "I think we should go to one of those restaurants, because I am too pooped to cook anything." Isabelle looked down at her diaper. "Let me rephrase that."

"No... no need. Can we stop back at the town hall first? This mess is really starting to make my nose and cheek hairs tingle. Not to mention, it's so full, it's smashing against my--"

"TMI..." Jack interrupted.

"But, Jack," Jill added. "Every time I try to walk over to talk to her, I'm assaulted with the stench of a dumpster. No offense, Is."

Isabelle sadly said, "None taken."

"Okay..." Jack mumbled. "Digby, you find us someplace to get food, Jill, you return to the town hall with Isabelle, and I'll explain to everyone why all of Tomodachia was left in an anarchy for several hours."

"Right," everyone replied as they went to do their jobs. Jack went to the center of town to address all of the issues going around. Digby went to McDuckie's to get some food. Isabelle followed Jill to the town hall.

"Attention, everyone. I have an important announcement," Jack called out to everyone. "You may be wondering why I was out for a while."

"Yeah, we are!" a rabbit called out from the crowd.

"Well, it is somewhat embarrassing for a certain someone, which is why she is not here, but for the next few days, my secretary will be replaced by her twin, Digby, because... of private reasons..."

"Because they involve you in an embarrassing scandal?" the rabbit shouted again.

"No... yes..." Jack sighed before continuing. "I don't know how to classify this... I just need everyone to behave normally when you see this... private reason."

"So it's not an exciting addition to--"

"I SWEAR, IF YOU CONTINUE, YOU WILL GET IT!!!" Jack furiously shouted, obviously fed up with the rude bunny. The animal quickly shut his mouth. "Now, then, everyone better get some dinner, spend time with friends, fall asleep, and forget what I said." The animals returned to their homes. Jack groaned and headed back towards the town hall.

Meanwhile, at the fast food joint, Digby was having trouble deciding what to get for everyone, so he just said, "Let's see... I'll just get whatever is good."

The squirrel working at the register replied, "Everything we have is good, so if you could please be a bit specific, sir..."

"Well, have you had to walk all the way home from a bingo tournament after your sister was embarrassed in public and ended up causing a riot in a marketplace?!"

The squirrel at the register was speechless. He thought for a bit and said, "You said you know the mayor, right? Well, food's on the house. Is that for here or to go?"

Meanwhile, Jill and Isabelle approached the door to the hall. "We finally made it..." Jill said while getting out the key Jack gave her. She unlocked the door and the two walked inside. "Well, what should we do while we're waiting for the other two to get back?"

"Well, for starters, you think you could please change this diaper?" Isabelle asked, pointing to her diaper, which was sagging down to above her knees and sporting a large brown spot.

"Oh... okay. Y'know, I actually have experience with this kind of thing."


"Yeah. Okay, let's go to the back," Jill said as she and Isabelle walked back over to the changing table.

"Hop on, I guess," Jill told the dog. She got onto the changing table and Jill got a fresh diaper, wipes, and powder.

"This isn't strange in anyway, is it?" Isabelle asked.

"Oh no, I don't think so... is it?"

"That's what I'm asking you."

"Whatever," Jill said before untaping and opening Isabelle's diaper, revealing the smelly brown mound in her diaper. Jill looked like she was about to puke, but she continued onwards. She tossed Isabelle's stink bomb in the diaper pail, wiped her clean, applied powder, and slid a clean diaper under her.

"Thanks..." Isabelle shyly muttered.

"Don't mention it."

Just then, Jack walked in through the door. With a groan, he said, "Geez, it seems like BOTH of us are having trouble. I actually shouted at someone."

"You don't usually do that, though..."

"I know, Jill. Alright, where's Isabelle? She probably has diaper rash from being in that diaper all day."

"Oh... I actually changed her."

"You what?"

"Yeah, I changed her. I have experience with changing diapers."

"So changing fake diapers on a baby doll counts as EXPERIENCE?"

"I guess!"

Jack sighed and walked over to Isabelle. "Here we go again..." he said, starting to pull out his pocketwatch.

"Jack, wait! Shouldn't we wait until Digby gets back with the food?"

Jack thought for a while before saying, "You're right."

"I don't know what you were going to do, but at least it's good, right? RIGHT?!"

"Huh? Oh, yes, Is. It's a good thing," Jack nervously said. "We'll just wait until--"

"I'm here! I think I kinda gave the guy there a hard time, because he started sweating and hiding under the counter."

"Well, whatever happened?" Jack asked.

"Well... I maybe went a bit ballistic... you would, too, if YOUR sister was publicly embarrassed and caused a flame war..."

Jack shrugged and said, "I guess. Let's just eat." So Jack, Jill, and Digby ate while Jack triggered Isabelle's baby mode and fed her mashed peas. When they were all done, Jack said to Isabelle, "Alright, let's get this over with... again..." while getting out his pocketwatch. He began to hypnotize Isabelle again, this time for her to fully age regress when certain events or words are triggered. "Alright, what time is it?"

Jill looked up at the clock. "It's only 6:30?" she said with a yawn. "But I'm so tired..."

"I guess we should all turn in for the night, even if it is extremely early..." Jack said, grabbing his keys.

"Alright. I'll be here with Izzy."

"Good night, Digby," Jack said as he and Jill walked out the door.

"Good night, sir." Digby said in reply. He yawned and told Isabelle, "I guess we should get some sleep, too."


Digby quickly thought, "So... how do I trigger her baby form? Oh wait, I think I know..." He took her into the back room to change her into a baby-blue onesie with a flower on it. He scooped her up and rocked her. Isabelle let out a tiny yawn before falling asleep in her brother's arms. He placed her into her crib before changing to pajamas himself, sliding into bed, and saying, "Good night, baby sis..." and turning out the light.

However, that night would not be an easy one. Around midnight, Isabelle rocked back and forth multiple times before finally jolting awake and starting to whimper. Digby woke up and fumbled over to her. "What's wrong, Is?"

"Bad dweam..." she sadly said.

Digby tried calming her down. He changed her wet diaper before rocking her back to sleep. He tucked her back in and returned to bed.
FINALLY, the long-awaited chapter 2 to my special AC ABDL story! Warning: this is the longest chapter in the story and may possibly be the most depressing. Until the conclusion. Mwaaaa-ha-ha-haaaaa...
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