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(This story is a sequel to Isabelle's Dilemma. If you have not read that yet, please click back and read that before proceeding to read this.)

(Additionally, this is also an ABDL story. If you are uncomfortable with this topic, do not read this story. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of ABDL, Google it.)

It was another fine morning in the town of Tomodachia. All of the townspeople were busy working hard at their shops. There aren't any other ways-- or words-- to describe how normal the day was going.

At the town hall, Isabelle, a sweet but clumsy dog, was sleeping at a table. She was extremely tired after all of the work she had done. She tried her best to remain away from others in fear of being taunted and mocked after the incident that happened just two weeks ago.

The door to the hall opened and a brown-haired boy with a red nose walked in. "Isabelle? Are you in here?" He walked over to the table where the shih tzu was lightly snoring. "I... Isabelle?"

The dog's head slammed against the table before jolting awake. "Huh? Oh, hello, Mayor!"

"Good morning, Isabelle. Ummm... why were you sleeping?"

"Huh?" She looked up at the clock, which read 10:00.

"How long ago did you arrive?"

"Uh... about... uh... 5-ish."

"You got here at 5 o'clock and worked?! No wonder you were asleep when I got here!"

"Well, I just wanted to finish up some papers and--" As she stood up, she felt like she was stepping into a puddle.

"Is something wrong?"

"Oh no..." the pup mumbled to herself before the mayor came over and moved the table. He saw a pale yellow puddle at her feet and a streaking stain on her skirt.

"Is, did you spill lemonade again?"

"N-No... I..."

"What is it, then? Cleaner?"

"I... I... I guess I... had an accident..."

"Do you know why this is happening?"

"N-No, Mr. Jack... I... don't..."

As Jack was walking over to the door, he sighed and said, "Me neither... look, I'm going shopping, so just clean this up and I'll be back later."

"O... Okay... Mayor." She proceeded to grab a mop and clean up the mess. After she was done, she decided to work some more while thinking about what Jack would be out shopping for.

Meanwhile, Jack was out looking for the Able Sisters' shop. He eventually found it. "Really gotta tell everyone to stop building this town like a maze..."

He walked inside and was instantly greeted by Mabel, who cheerfully greeted him. "Hi, Mayor! Welcome to Able Sisters, where YOU are the famous fashion designer!"

"Thank you, Mabel."

"So, what brings you here?"

"Well, it's kind of hush-hush at the moment, but I need to buy something."

"Well, Sable, Labelle, and I can help ya! So, whatcha need?"

"Well, it rhymes with 'pipers'..."

Sable gasped and shrieked, "You want to buy VIPERS?!"

"What? No! I'm looking for..."

"Yes?" Labelle asked. The boy mumbled under his breath. "What was that?" He mumbled louder, but it was still inaudible. "Can you repeat that? I still can't hear you."

Jack growled to himself and finally spoke up. "Okay... I need to buy some diapers..."

Mabel replied, " want to buy diapers, okay! Wait, what?!"

"They're not for me, by the way."

"Well, who are they for?"

Jack hesitated, but said, "You'll... find out soon."

"Ooh, anticipation! I can't wait!" Sable piped up, handing him a bag of diapers.

"Thanks. By the way... do you three happen to know any ABDL stores here?"

"No, sorry. You haven't approved any," Labelle said.

"Oh yeah... I'm the mayor. And no one proposed to build one yet." He paid the girls and left the store before suddenly getting an idea. "Wait a minute..." he pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

In a neighboring village, a girl was in an office, sitting in a pink chair, flipping through papers, when her phone rang. The image was of Jack and the ringtone was him singing K.K. Slider's newest hit... terribly. "Oh my gosh, Jack's calling! She instantly dropped all of her papers and picked up her phone.


"Hi, Jackie!!!"

"H-Hello to you too, Jill. I was just calling to ask about... baby things."

"What? H-How do you know that I..."

"You... what?"

"I..." She stopped to sigh. "I opened an ABDL shop and I don't know what to do with it."

Jack smiled. "Well, that's actually what I was calling for. I wanted to find a store that sold this stuff, so I was calling to see if Pinkieville had any."

"Oh, cool! Uh... what's the stuff for? Do you have a new fetish?"

"No, it's... kind of secret at the moment."

"Oh, okay."

"Sweet. I'll be over right now-ish." He hung up and boarded the next train to Pinkieville, where Jill was waiting for him.

She led him to the store and said, "Here's the shop. Sadly, no one wanted to work here yet, so I guess you can just pay me."

Jack looked around and picked out a crib, clothes, a high chair, changing supplies, food, and a stroller. They instantly turned into leaves and he placed them in his pocket. "I think I'm ready."

"Cool. That'll be 750 Bells, but for you, I'll throw in a 1/3 off discount."

"What?! 500 Bells for all this stuff?"

"Hey, it's 500 Bells or your stuff," she replied, "so what will it be?" Jack thought for a tiny bit before handing her his spare Bell bag. "Pleasure doin' business with ya, my love!" Jill said before kissing him.

"Did... did you just--"

"Bye now, Jack!"

"B... Bye!" Jack almost couldn't believe his ears. Had Jill really called him her love? He thought about this the entire way back to Tomodachia.

Once he got back, he ran back to the town hall with the Able Sisters bag and leaf items. He opened the door and saw Isabelle asleep again. "ISABELLE!"

She instantly woke up. "Oh! Welcome back, Mayor!" She looked down and saw a growing warm stain on her new skirt and quickly covered it up with a book. "M-Mayor... i-it's not like like you at ALL to shout..."

"Is, I'm concerned about these constant accidents."

"Sir, for the record, I only had 3 recently. Once on the train and once now out of fear."

"And what about this morning?" Isabelle slowly and shyly ducked into her shirt. "Isabelle, I'm just concered. I'm doing this for your own good," Jack said, reaching into his bag and pulling out a diaper. The diaper was thick, white, and had a design of a green leaf on the back.

"Is... is that..."

"Yes. I'm sorry... I really am... but if you're going to keep this up, you need some protection."

"No... please, sir..." She tried to stop him, but he managed to tear off her skirt and put the diaper on her.

"From now until... well... I'm not sure... but for a long while, you will be treated like a baby."

"What... does that mean?"

"One, you will be fed baby food. Two, you will wear and use diapers and you must be changed by someone else. Three, you will wear baby clothes. Four, I will burp you when you need it. Five, I will carry you around or use a stroller. Six, you will sleep in a crib. Seven, you will be revoked of your secretary duties. And eight, your babysitter and secretary replacement will be Digby."

"What? No... no, not my brother! Please, let it be Rover, let it be Tom Nook, let it be Resetti for all I care, just don't invite Digby!"

"Too late. He's moving from my friend DC's town, Mirrorland, to here." Isabelle began hyperventilating as Jack digged through his pockets and put most of the leaves in a chest. One of them, though, he kept. It turned into an adorable, pink pajama onesie with the text "Cutie-Pie" on it. He tackled the young dog and forced the onesie on her.

"Don't make me do this...!"

"You're a bit late, Is. You're already in a diaper and a bright-pink onesie."

Once he said that, a brown shih tzu stepped through the door. "Hey, I was told I'm a sub secretary, so what should I--" He looked at the yellow dog in the one-piece pajamas. "Why... is my twin sister in a pink onesie?" Isabelle began to blush.

"Digby... it... it's kind of... embarrassing..."

"I'm babying her for her own good." He leaned in close and whispered, "She's had a few... accidents... lately, if you get my drift."

"I get it... it's just... strange."


"I'll... tell you later."

Isabelle stood back up and walked over to the two of them. Jack pretended to be surprised and joyful. "Wow, baby can walk! Yay!"

"Please... don't..."

"It's okay, Izzy. He told me about how you're being babied because... I heard about what happened."

"So, Digby, I'll need you to check over the papers in this suggestion box. Think you can do it?"

"You can count on me, Jack! I mean... Mr. Mayor, sir!"

"Good. Now for Isabelle... I fink baby Izzy's hungwy!

"N-No... I had a grilled cheese sandwich earlier..." Jack pulled out the leaf with the high chair and placed it in the room before getting out one of the cans of baby food.

"Really... I don't need this..." she muttered as Jack lifted her into the high chair.

"Get ready for the-- what is this crud, anyway? Carrots? 'Kay then. Get ready for the Carrot 'Copter!" He made helicopter noises as he forced the mashed carrots into the puppy's mouth.

"Mmm... mmm!" Isabelle mumbled.


"Mmm-hmm!" He fed her more carrots.

"Yeah, my sis loved carrots a lot when she was little," Digby piped up. "She stopped after a while, but I guess she likes them again."

Jack continued feeding her until she was full. He took her out of the high chair and, as if by magic, she snapped back to reality. "Wha... what happened? What is this orange stuff on my lips?" She licked the food off her face. "Carrots? I used to love these..." she said as she walked away.

As soon as she left, both Jack and Digby said, "I have a confession... YOU have one? You start. What? ME start?"

"You start... sir." Digby muttered.

"Okay... I sort of maybe kind of started to hypnotized Isabelle..."


"I-It's not as bad as it sounds... I just hypnotized her to act like a baby when certain events or words are triggered..."

"So my sis is hypnotized to mentally regress if something specific happens?"

Jack's shoulders fell into a slump. "I only did... all of this... for her own good..."

"Well, I have a confession to make, too. You see--"

"Is this a follow-up to what I said? Because neither of us want to talk about that stupid magician at last year's barbeque..."

"Hey, he wasn't stupid. Just his hypnotism act. It was so fake that I--"

"Motorcar." Digby instantly began imitating a race car and pretending that he was in a race. "Pit stop."

Digby instantly stopped. "...should have brought some rotten tomatoes with me to fling at him!"

Jack just rolled his eyes. "Anyway... what were you really going to tell me?"

"Well, when Izzy and I were young..." Jack gave him a quizzical look. "When... we were little... er... Izzy had a bit of a... weak bladder..."


"Oh yeah. She wore diapers to bed until first grade. Once, she accidentally wore them there, but that's not important..." Digby snickered a bit before continuing. "I don't know why or how, but something must have happened that caused her to be like that again. Do you know anything about it?"

Jack thought for a bit before his jaw dropped all the way to the floor. "Of course! The train incident! Oh my gosh, she had to follow me around the entire day... and she ended up crying in front of me while kneeling in her accident... She must have been put under so much pressure that day..."

Digby sighed and replied, "Well... we can't do anything about it now... We'll have to make do with babying Izzy..."


Isabelle came back in with some books. "Okay, I gathered up some books so that my bro knows how to be a secretary."

"Thanks, Is. But I think it's time for your nap."

Isabelle looked up at the clock. It read 6:00. "Huh? W-Why..."

Jack scooped her up, cradled her, and rocked her while singing. "Rock-a-bye puppy, on the treetop..." As Jack continued singing to her, she began to feel tired. She let out a tiny yawn and fell asleep in his arms. "Hey, Dig, would ya mind getting out the crib? It's a leaf in that chest over there."

"They're all leaves, sir."

"Don't be a wiseass, Digby."

"Sorry. I'm guessing it's this one..." he said, getting a random one out, which was the crib.

"Lucky. Just place it... over there," he said, pointing to a corner in a spare back room. Digby did just that as Jack carried a sleeping Isabelle over to the crib.

"Good night... baby sister..." Digby said as the two walked out the door. "So Jack..."


"Earlier, when you admitted your plan to brainwash Izzy, what did you mean by 'started to hypnotize her'?"

"Well, I didn't hypnotize her to entirely be mentally regressed. I had to do each action separately, but I only finished eating and sleeping."

"So, say, if she needs to... you know... she'll act like herself?"

"Until I finish the hypnotism for that, yes. Same goes for being burped, riding around in a stroller, playtime, and watching kiddie shows."

"Good to know. How long should this last?"

"Until it gets tiresome. I'll unhypnotize her then."

"Cool." Digby looked over at the can on the high chair. "What should we do with this? It's still got some left."

"I guess we could just... try some...?" Jack grabbed 2 new spoons from a drawer, gave one to the brown dog, and scooped out some carrot mush. He put the spoon in his mouth.


After just three seconds, the boy spat out the carrots into the trash bin. "It tasted like unrefrigerated carrots mixed with week-old cheese, rotten eggs, bananas, and onion powder..."

"You're just exaggerating. I used to love carrots, so they can't be THAT bad..." He put some in his mouth and slowly swallowed them. Not long after, he made a gagging noise as he made a quick dash for the bathroom.

"Let me know what it tastes like when it comes back up..."

When Digby was done, he sickly said, "It tasted... exactly... the same..."

"Ew..." he replied. "What's in that stuff, anyway?" he wondered as Digby stumbled out of the bathroom.

"So... I guess I should stay here while Isabelle's sleeping?"

"Yeah. I can set up a spare bed in the other corner." Jack dug through his pocket, pulled out a leaf, and threw it into the corner as it turned into a bed.

Digby jumped onto it and replied, "Awesome. Well, I'll see you later, Jack."

"See you tomorrow," the young lad said as he walked out the door back toward his home.

Before falling asleep, though, Digby walked over to Isabelle in her crib and whispered, "Don't worry, Is. We'll take great care of you... baby sis..."
As requested by NickFielder0325 , here's a sequel series to my story, Isabelle's Dilemma! P.S. Do NOT read this if you haven't read that first. I mean, you can... but nothing will make much sense to you...
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MVered417 Featured By Owner May 14, 2017
Um, when are we going to get to the part when she DOES watch the kiddie shows. And if you don't mind me asking, what type of kiddie shows would Jack allow her to watch? Would it be stuff like My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, or something for infants?
NinMaster712 Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uhhh... I kinda forgot that I wrote that part... ha-ha... I'll have to squeeze it into the newest chapter.
MVered417 Featured By Owner May 17, 2017
Wait, how will Jill handle this? Will she tell Jack that Isabelle was okay the entire time?
cigarfsh Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
My god... Digby is the most uncaring brother to ever exist. And the Jack is also an asshole for just forcing Isabelle to play in with his fetish.
NinMaster712 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa... fetish... I didn't intend that, but yeah, Digby is uncaring. I didn't even realize I made an unlikable character until now. Whoo-hoo, I'm a successful author!!!
cigarfsh Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, that is a good achievement for an author. And to think I found this while doing Google Search Roulette.
NinMaster712 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What did you search up in your game that brought you to this?
cigarfsh Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I was just looking up random ideas that I say on google search. One of them was "pregnant fanfic". One of them had the word baby in it, so google thought it had to do with pregnancy. I clicked the link with no thought, and you get the idea.
NinMaster712 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cigarfsh Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I know, right?
PikaLuigiGirl Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Hobbyist
My god... "Mirrorland..." That part made me smile. BTW, I love the dynamic between Jack and Jill, or should I say Jackie? >.<
DeadlyFlareon Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018
*faint jack and jill song plays*... sorry, i remembered that.
NinMaster712 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah... I wouldn't be surprised if fan shipping starts to brew. Of course, I kinda have to make artwork first, because everyone will make Jack look like the Villager from Smash, which he obviously isn't.
NickFielder0325 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016
I loved the story thx a lot  how many chapter will thair be
NinMaster712 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As many as I have ideas for, and I actually have an idea for the climax and ending, but what to put in between... It may eventually come down to about... 6 or 7-ish, maybe.
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