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(The following story contains diapers/ABDL content and hyperscat. If you are uncomfortable with either of these topics, click off this page immediately. Otherwise, read on.)

"Not here...! Why must it be now...?!"

Blaze had been needing to go for a week or two now. She didn't want to have to lose track of the dastardly Eggman Nega... especially with her thick diaper on. She refused to set time aside to do her business and get changed. That would give him extra time for his evil plan. At least, this was the mindset the cat was going with.

She had finally caught up with the villain, but she couldn't take him down. Her stomach just growled and gurgled like mad, and the pressure down below was too much to bear. It was almost painful. She could barely even move.

"Oh, poor Blaze... So close, and yet so far..." Eggman Nega taunted. "Alas, there is nothing you can do to stop me. Just give up and go home."

"N-Never!" Blaze yelled, still clutching her gut. "I w-won't let you get away... with this!"

Eggman Nega maniacally laughed at her. "You can't even lift a finger in this state. Just run along and use a litter box like a good kitty. Ta-ta!" With that, he flew into a wormhole and disappeared.

"N-No..." Blaze stammered. "I'll... get you... r-real soon..." She felt a sharp push of pressure and whimpered. "I can't hold th-this back any longer... M-Might as well get it over with..."

Blaze slowly drew her arms back and squatted. Within an instant, the contents of her digestive system forced their way out. Several wet farts broke the silence of the area.

In just a minute, Blaze had filled her diaper so much that it sagged down to her knees. Her stomach grumbled again. "Seriously?! I still need to go?" she muttered. "Fine..."

She pushed, voluntarily this time, and filled her diaper even more. The mess had drooped down and touched the ground at this point, but the poor cat still had to go. She continued pooping, even to the point of feeling her feet leave the ground below.

Blaze began sweating profusely. She needed to get every last bit of poop out of her. Her diaper was growing every second, more and more fecal matter being pushed out.

With a huge sigh of relief, Blaze looked down at what she had done. The diaper was about twice her own size. Not only that, but the stench was enough to choke her. "At least that settles it..." she mumbled.

She tried shuffling around, but the diaper was too big for her to move. "What the...? Come on! This thing won't budge!" She tried her hardest to move around, with very little success. Not only that, but she was beginning to feel more pressure in her bowels. "Mmmph... This thing looks pretty packed already... Wouldn't hurt to add just a bit more..." she mumbled.

With a final push, Blaze proceeded to finish her business, pooping into her already messy and large diaper and stretching her diaper closer and closer to its breaking point.
A request for Synthmaster on FurAffinity. They requested a fanfic of Blaze hypermessing a diaper. Sorry It's not as long as some of my other stuff, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!
Flipface11111 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2018
Wow, this was really detailed! Even though I don't like scat, I found this enjoyable! I might request something like this (but with wetting) sometime soon~
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