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So I was bored at work and just started painting up some generic lookin' lass. Wasn't particularly happy with it, but didn't want to put in the time to make it work as a normal portrait, so I threw a bunch of textures over it and made it real dark to hide a bunch of the bigger flaws. Badabing, badaboom, this is what you get. I really should go back and add more highlights to the lips though, they kinda dissapear at the moment, eh.
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*pokes* Ahh rust poisoning!!!!! :cries: lol nice i like it anyway
NinjaWookiee's avatar
She's going to need a mighty large tetnis shot :(
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A good image. I like it.
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This is incredible, she looks like a statue of sand and stone, what a beautiful job..
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Never even thought about it like that, thanks!
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Her eyes are really magnificent.
I need to do scribbles like this soon...I'm feeling really out of it, artwise. :,
NinjaWookiee's avatar
Wheee, thanks!

Hehe, you just put together a college art application, everybody feels out of it after THAT!
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Whew! I was afraid I'd run out of Muse Juice or something.
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Mmm, muse juice. You should figure out how to bottle that, you'd make a fortune!
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