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Thanks again to everyone who has +faved and commented on my Justice League of Anime artwork…. It's closing in on 500 +favs and I'm so glad that it has been received so well. Judging from the artwork I uploaded of the individual characters, Sailor Moon… is the most popular member of the team! Not too surprising since it's well known that Sailor Moon has a loyal fanbase all over the world. But Cutie Honey… and Cyborg 009… are also quite popular, much more so then I expected!

To thank everyone for their support, I have created a brand new artwork of the Anime Justice League. This one is based on my own composition. Check it out!…

For months people have been asking me if I will be doing an anime version of the Injustice Gang. I can now say that yes, I will! And I will be letting YOU suggest which anime villains will be included in the line up. I already have a few characters in mind, so don't get upset if your choices are not used, but I'm quite interested in reading your suggestions. Perhaps you can influence which evil characters make the cut.

Remember, the Injustice Gang should have characters who act as counterpoints to each of the Anime Justice League members, as well as collectively approximately replacing the personalities and character traits of the members of the Injustice Gang from the "Injustice for All" episodes of the Justice League animated series. Those members are Lex Luthor (rich science jerk), Cheetah (cat girl), Copperhead (snake dude), Solomon Grundy (giant zombie), The Shade (dark thief), Star Sapphire (snooty magic chick), and the Ultra-Humanite (brainy gorilla). After Copperhead got captured, The Joker came on board, so we'll see what the line up finally ends up looking like. Check out the Wikipiedia entry… for more info about the Injustice Gang. You don't have to make a suggestion for every member, so it's fine if you just want to suggest one character.

Don't just pick your favorite villains from whatever is popular right now. Really get into the deep history of anime and pluck out the best of the worst! They need not be from the same franchises as Justice League of Anime members (though that might also be an option), but they should all be able to exist together in some kind of sci-fi setting. Post your picks right here by replying to this journal. Maybe participating will open your eyes to a classic anime show that you would otherwise not think about! I hope to get a good dialogue going, and that everyone has fun with this.

UPDATE: You can stop making suggestions now. The artwork is finished.

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hah this is pure genius :)

Light Yagami lol (or a dbz villain(i would go with a bad sayain because it's less cliche but not Vegeta since he turns good even though he would seem perfect for it)
Diva from Blood+ is pretty kick ass for a girl :)
oh man. im going blank. ill come back if i think of anything else :)\
Brilliant Idea!