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The Final Boss



Behold, the final boss is a gross green alien bug fetus!

This is some concept art for a hypothetical game I came up with for a Video Game Art college program in winter 2012. I'm not going to say what the game was about, but I'll say that it was totally ridiculous and also awesome. You fight aliens who are all in this black and red armor and at the very end, their space ships crashes and you go into and find out that this thing was the biological super computer in charge. Giant metal tentacles extend from the ceiling to fight you.

The project had many elements to it and the students with the 4 best ideas (as judged by student vote) became group leaders who had to oversee creation of a pitch document that would cover almost every aspect of what the game would be like should ever go into production. There was a lot of discussion among the team about what the aliens would be like. Of course, group leaders wind up doing most of the work themselves, so I put a lot on my plate. Even with all of that, I wanted to draw this myself because I could just see how cool it was in my head.

Due to time constraints, the artwork itself is not everything it could be but it was just concept art and it gets the point across. I kept it a secret from the other groups but I kept telling them how awesome it was going to be. Once I saw it during the final group presentation, I could tell by the looks on their faces that they all agreed. So that was a victory.
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This is insane! :lol: