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TFcon 2012 - Maximal Wreckage

A special print from the TFcon 2012 script reading prelude comic featuring 2 Generations of Transformers ready for battle. Dinobot Rattrap, Cheetor, and Silverbolt of the Maximals are joined in the nick of time by Springer, Broadside, and Roadbuster; the Wreckers!

This image does not actually happen in the story. It's two images from different pages combined together into one. I thought ahead while I was drawing the comic so that I could do this. Not sure if it turned out ok, but I think it will make for a nice momento to get signed by the Voice Actots Scott McNeil and Neil Ross.

You can read the entire 8 page comic here: [link]
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Which toy is Springer's body based off of?

Cause I never seen Springer with build like that before.

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The story of this comic takes place before the Autobots and Decepticons awoke in the Ark on Earth. If memory serves, I was told to base Springer on his appearance in "The War Within" comic book series from Dreamwave. I decided to give him a 2-tone green color scheme though. There was no toy released of it.


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Oh. That would make a pretty cool figure.

(Any 3rd party companies out there reading this?)

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Awesome work. Both generations into one. Amazing crossover. ^^ :)
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amazing work!!! :)
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Really awesome. I think Springer should be leader of his own team if given the chance.
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Aha!!!! Alright, I officially loved this picture :D!
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