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JLAnime 6: Cyborg 009



From my artwork THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF ANIME. I painted each of the seven characters there separately, and here you can get a better look at each of them.

Comment and +fav if you want, but make sure you check out and do the same for the original artwork. [link]

Here is the story of how this character joins the Justice League. Read them in order.


After defeating the Black Ghost organization, the team of 9 cyborgs disbanded and returned to their home countries. For awhile, all was peaceful, as far as everyone could tell. But Joe Shimamura saw that the world was changing, and not for the better. The other cyborgs kept in periodic contact with him, and they confirmed the same thing. The spirit of the people was declining, and the government was making bizarre, totalitarian decisions. The other cyborgs said they would investigate, but Joe never heard back from any of them. Something must have happened to them all, and whatever it was, he must be next!

Suddenly, he was attacked by two women. He evaded his assailants with his cyborg powers, but somehow they were prepared, as if they already knew all everything about him. They shot him with some kind of high-tech blasters. All seemed lost when two bullets shot from the shadows, and the attackers burnt like paper. Joe recognized his savior from the Wanted posters he'd been seeing ever since he started questioning the government.

"Zero Zero Nine." said Captain Harlock. "We are in need of your expertise."

"What do you need me for?" Joe asked defiantly.

Harlock told him that his attackers where the Mazone, the aliens responsible for the problems that he and the other cyborgs were so concerned about. "I have sympathy for them. They have no where else to go, and I take no pleasure in our struggle. But just as they are manipulating us, someone else is manipulating them."

Harlock walked over to the small pile of ash that remained of the attacking Mazone and used his foot to nudge one of their guns closer to Joe.

"Take a closer look." the space pirate said.

Joe took the pistol in his hand, and read the markings by the handle. He gasped. It was unmistakable.

"Black Ghost".
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