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JLAnime 4: Cutie Honey



From my artwork THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF ANIME. I painted each of the seven characters there separately, and here you can get a better look at each of them.

Comment and +fav if you want, but make sure you check out and do the same for the original artwork. [link]

Here is the story of how this character joins the Justice League. Read them in order.


Honey Kisaragi didn't really have much of a plan for her future when she was in school, but after the government placed a ban on all robots with human-like Artificial Intelligence, she committed herself to her studies, graduated from a high profile university, and got herself a job at the Ministry of Science in Metro City. She wanted to be in a place where, when the time was right, she could make a difference. On one of her late-night ventures using her employee security clearance to sneak in and hack into some classified information, this guy in the green coat shows up trying to break into a secret room. She had managed to discover just what the secret is in that's locked away in that room, and she happens to believe that this secret shouldn't be locked up at all. So, she manages to temporarily disable the security robot's operating systems and gives the would-be thief a hand. The time to make a difference has got to be now.

They enter the room. It's surrounded with dusty computers, and tangled cables, with a large metal tube in the center. Honey hurriedly instructs Lupin on what switches to flip and what cords to plug in while she feverishly types away on a computer. Lupin's not sure what he's doing but he goes with it for now. The security robots reboot themselves and go back on the hunt. Honey finishes what she was doing and stands in front to the entrance, waiting for the guards to come.

"What do you think you're doing!?" yelled Lupin.

"Inside that tube is something that can inspire and unite the entire world. I'm not letting them keep it in there anymore!" She exclaims.

"But those robots will tear you apart!"

She looks back with a cute smile and winks at him. "I'm changing now."

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