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Inktober 2019



It was a grueling month but Inktober is over and I made it all the way through to the end.

This year I wanted to not only follow the official prompts again, but use each prompt word to create an original robot character. I made this decision before prompts were revealed, and when they finally were, needless to say some of the words did not naturally lend themselves to becoming robotic, but I was up to the challenge of creating them!

I could not wait to get going and I started my Twitch stream on midnight of October 1st, but the power went out a few hours into it and it screwed up my computer. I had to reinstall Windows again and I felt like I was behind ever since. There were many struggles but I'm happy to have simply completed the task I put in front of me and prove that it could be done.

I drew them all in a 5.5x8.5 inch sketchbook and I wanted each to be a showcase for the robot including a background. You can take a closer look at each one and get a little bit of the story behind them on my Tumblr and Instagram My favorites are Overgrown (day 15), Treasure (day 21), Ancient (day 23), and Dizzy (day 24).

Here is the 2018 prompts list. The drawings are all in order starting at the top and from left to right.
  1. Ring

  2. Mindless

  3. Bait

  4. Freeze

  5. Build

  6. Husky

  7. Enchanted

  8. Frail

  9. Swing

  10. Pattern

  11. Snow

  12. Dragon

  13. Ash

  14. Overgrown

  15. Legend

  16. Wild

  17. Ornament

  18. Misfit

  19. Sling

  20. Tread

  21. Treasure

  22. Ghost

  23. Ancient

  24. Dizzy

  25. Tasty

  26. Dark

  27. Coat

  28. Ride

  29. Injured

  30. Catch

  31. Ripe

To my fellow Inktober warriors who also went the distance, congratulations! I sincerely hope to be too busy to to more art challenges next year.
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This is an impressive month's work. Well done! 👍👍🤖