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Inktober 2018



It's over! I finished all 31 days of Inktober. This year, I used the official Inktober prompts list to get my ideas, but I also added my own layers to the challenge.

First, every drawing had to be of a female character, usually being something weird or different than just a normal human, like a robot or an alien, but still have charm and appeal. Second, I drew them all on 2.5" x 3.5" artist trading cards. These are small! At first I thought it would be easier and faster to just draw something small instead of spending all day filling up a sketchbook page, but that kind of backfired on me since drawing so small took patience and precision. But having a bunch of finished cards all together like this sure does look cool, and I'm happy to say that I made it through the entire month finishing one card per day on time and without missing any. You can see everything as it unfolded on my Instagram and my Tumblr , though I did make a few minor corrections on some of the entries shortly after taking the picture.

My favorites are the Gem Girl for day 16 (Angular) and the axe-wielding girl fighting evil trees for day 24 (Chop). Which ones do you like?

Here is the 2018 prompts list. The cards I drew are in order starting at the top and from left to right.
  • 02. TRANQUIL
  • 03. ROASTED
  • 04. SPELL
  • 05. CHICKEN
  • 06. DROOLING
  • 08. STAR
  • 09. PRECIOUS
  • 10. FLOWING
  • 11. CRUEL
  • 12. WHALE
  • 13. GUARDED
  • 14. CLOCK
  • 15. WEAK
  • 16. ANGULAR
  • 17. SWOLLEN
  • 18. BOTTLE
  • 19. SCORCHED
  • 21. DRAIN
  • 23. MUDDY
  • 24. CHOP
  • 25. PRICKLY
  • 26. STRETCH
  • 27. THUNDER
  • 28. GIFT
  • 29. DOUBLE
  • 30. JOLT
  • 31. SLICE

To all my fellow Inktober warriors out there, congratulations. We did it! I'll be happy to check out the Inktober experience of anyone who comments below.

Sayonara, Inktober!
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They look like '90s trading cards...
Their detail is amazing.