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Gundam Wing - Epyon

Commissioned artwork of the Epyon from Gundam Wing. I was also commissioned to do an illustration of Tallgeese, so I made them parallel each other with an Earth and Moon theme, since that's a part of the storyline from the Gundam Wing anime.

This is one evil looking mech! But I didn't want the pose to come across as looking too sinister, because that didn't make sense to me. So I made it looking imposing and intimidating.

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Wolverine if he were a Gundam.
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Freaking epic 
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I remember this savage purple dragon. B-)
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Top notch work! You really captured Epyon down to a tee, especially what's weird and evil about his design is that he is basically a transformer that turns into a two-headed dragon. Hence the tail weapon XD 
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And that tail whip thing was a pain to draw, as one can imagine! I think I got it good enough though.
Thanks for your comments!

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I must admit, I STILL HAVE NEVER Watched or Done anything related to Mobile Suit Gundam... but this is just Epic.
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Hey thanks.

Gundam is kind of an anime essential. But it's got a 40 year history now so I wouldn't know what part of it to recommend. This show, Wing, was the first one officially released in the western world, and people like it, so maybe that?

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Incredible work! 👍🤖💜💜🖤🖤
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