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Godzilla Pixel Art Scene



I went back to school to take a course on Video Game art. In the first semester, there was a class on video game history and one of the assignments was to create a pixel art scene that could have been a game on a classic system. So I made this Godzilla scene, from the kind of Godzilla game I would love to play.

The final artwork had to follow these specifications:
A 192x160 scene - This image is scaled up for the sake of clarity here on dA.
We could only use 16 colors, but we could pick whatever colors we wanted to use.
Only of those 8 colors could be used on sprites.
2 sprites (32x32) - The tank and the jet
2 effects (8x8) - Fire
1 environmental hazard (32x32) - The was hard because what is a hazard to Godzilla? The best option was to use the electrified wire and draw some towers for it to hang on. but even that isn't very hazardous because, in the movie, he walks right through it without getting hurt.

Other than that I was free to do what I wanted. I made sure to ask if it was OK to do a larger sprite, and the teacher said it was fine as long as the other size requirements were met. Godzilla and the towers are 96x96 pixels.

We were given a lot of time, but the rest of the course was so busy with other projects that there wasn't much choice but to put this off until the last minute. So I basically did this all in one night. It was fun though. I wish this was a real game.
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Cool! This looks like you pulled it straight from a video game! :D