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Gender-Flipped Transformers

I did this for a Gender-flipped art challenge, where the artist had to take characters that were primarily known as being one gender and draw them as another. So I decided to do gender-flipped Transformers and make Rodimus Prime into a female and Arcee into a male.

I think Girl-Rodmius actually kind of works! She still looks powerful and commanding.  Arcee as a dude, well, I'm not so sure. I just tried to make the body blocky and more like a typical male Transformers character to be different than Arcee's usually slender self. He sure is pink though! I thought that maybe it could work as like the pink that guys wore in the 80's and early 90's. It took a few tries to get the right shade that still worked for Arcee. I didn't even think about the IDW version when I drew this.

I went all out on the cell-shading on this. Tried some new techniques and I think it mostly looks pretty good. I'll get the hang of it.

Commissions are opened and are desperately needed! Please help!

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Rodimus looks good but Arcee...not so much...

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This is a cool picture! Well done!

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Well, IDW originally had Arcee as a twin brother to Galvatron before Jhiaxus helped the "transition".  Very interesting take!
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Haha, not a bad idea. Plus it's interesting to see what Arcee would look like as a guy for a change. 
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Hard to adjust to the whole 'Male Arcee' thing.
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Yes it certainly is, and I had to draw it!

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I like Hot Rod as a guy *g* It is like a big brother. BUT u do a great job. Its really cool to see this <3
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Thanks. It's just for fun.

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Yes i knoe :) sry if i was rude? my engl. is not the best ^^;
I like that idea really much! <3

mata ne :)
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Freaky though

I drew a character that resembles Prime & Cee
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Rodimus as a woman.  Heh.  I thinks she could bring Galvatron to his knees at this point! 
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If I was in charge of Transformers, I'd make Galvatron a woman!

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Nice work! 👍🤖💘💘
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