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Japan has been the home to many amazing heroes and the talented creators who brought them to life. They have inspired fans and artists all over the world.

But it is the spirit that the people of Japan have exhibited in the face of the terrible disasters which befell the country on March 11, 2011 that is truly inspiring.

One year later, this is my small tribute to that spirit. I wanted to create something that focused more on the positive, can-do attitude that has emerged since that day, both within Japan as well as aid from the international community. What better way to express that then to show Goku and Astro Boy, the most popular and positive symbols in all of anime, giving the thumbs up.

Ganbare Japan!

Check out the rest of the Anime Justice League artwork, including the much requested Injustice Gang! [link]

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Wonderfulness! I definitely appreciate the spirit in which this was done.🌞

Have you seen Big Science Action, DC Comics' super-team of Japan? I think you might like them.

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Dude I just noticed the resemblance
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cool what great pic fof goku and astroboy my characters favourites of the anime and manga is fantastic and awesome congraluations friend is one great work:D
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Seriously man you have got to put Roger Smith and Gene Starwind in this. :D (Big Grin) 
The single two greatest Heroes of Japan.... :iconfuckyeaplz:
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eee eastroooo sooooo cute
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Of your Justice League members, I think these two would get along the better
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Two of our epic heroes in history: Ftw!:icongokushappyplz::iconastroboyfunnyfaceplz:XD
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Splendid job on the tribute pic. :-D
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True words have never been spoken. Those people have to endure many threats yet they alway manage to come out well and with social teamwork.

Be well Japan!
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