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Published: December 6, 2008
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I came across a couple of pictures I made from my own papercraft collection. They're over a year old, so you can imagine I made a few new ones since then...

Unfortunately, I don't make that many papercrafts from other people anymore, because I just don't have that much spare time anymore. And the spare time that I have, I often spend on my own projects. ;o)

In fact, I think I'm at a point where my own models outnumber the ones from other designers that I built... ;o)

(second pic: [link])
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Thanks! In the front are some of my own papercrafts, but all the others I got from other websites, there are a lot of free papercrafts online! ;o)
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Soon Hare A Oogie Boogie, Lego Luke And Ganondorf
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You've got a lot of patience...
And a lot more time on your hands.
I am a dummy! La la la la :happybounce: Clap 
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Patience, yes; a lot of spare time, not so much... Papercraft is really just a hobby of mine and I've been doing it for many years now (as you can see ;o) but there are really tons of ideas and projects that I'd love to do but that I'll probably never get around too... ;o)
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I saw your signature and had to watch it again!
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rubenimus21Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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one word;
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Haha thanks! All those hours of cutting and cutting...
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Where did you find the orange EVA template? The one I have is purplish...Yours looks bigger too and I am cursed with large hands lol. Would love it if I get ahold of a bigger version if you have it by chance.

Oh and btw you are a great inspiration...I just started in this whole crazy hobby and it is wicked fun. Thanks to people like you I built my first model (Ichigo) with relative ease. You can check my DA a little later I will be posting a pic...But you and the great people over at papercraft-museum are awesome...So thank you :) .
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This orange Eva Unit-00 is from a company called Innerbrain. They also made a purple Eva Unit-01. They came in pre-printed kits with a CD so you could also print your own copy (which is what I did, hence the kinda red feet when my yellow ink cartridge died haha... ;o)

They're both about the same size though (70 cm) so you might be talking about the Eva-01 Chokipeta made...

They are all commercial models though, so I can't really just give you them... And because the Innerbrain ones are pretty old and the company doesn't exist anymore, your best bet for an original kit are sites like eBay or Amazon...
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NOOOOO!!! Heh, once again I am late to the party (the papercraft party that is). I totally understand about the not giving it to me thing as it is a commercial product heh (though I wonder, since the company is out of business if there isn't some kind of law in place that would make it OK...Oh well). Anyways I had the same probelm in finding the Howl's Moving Castle (the one with the legs) that book is like 150+ US dollars on EBay and Amazon WHEN it is up and WHEN it is new heh.

Anyways thanks and I look forward to seeing more of your papercrafts :) .
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$150 is a bit much for a book from 2004 that you have to cut up ;o) on Hobbylink Japan it was about $40 but it's been long out of stock...

You never know though, maybe you'll find a cheap(er) offer some day, but it's a big internet so you have to be lucky... ;o)
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Yeah that 150 is why I was like I guess I won't be buying it lol. You wouldn't happen to have a tutorial somewhere about A4 paper would you? Like what weight and where to buy it? I watched all your youtube video tutorials and that helped a lot, but it seems a bunch of the models I have require A4 paper which I can't seem to find in the states.
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Haha there's not much to tutorialize about A4 paper I think; just that it is a different size than US letter paper (8.3"x11.7" as opposed to 8.5"x11")

Although today even in the US it's possible to get A4 paper off the shelf in many places and most modern printers are already suited for A4 and (obviously) for the less wide US letter paper, I can't tell you where in your neighbourhood you can find A4 paper of course...

I'd ask the store where you get your regular paper if they can help you. If you really want to, they can probably order it if they don't have it, but if it really is a big hassle to get A4 paper, I wouldn't bother: normally you should be able to set the paper size in your printer program, and then when you print an A4 sheet on letter paper, it should just shrink the parts a bit. Make sure that shrinking scale is the same in the X and Y direction (so it doesn't distort the image!) and on multi-page models, that it is the same on every page.

That way, the model will end up slightly smaller, but all the parts should still fit together properly.

As for the thickness of the paper, that is a matter of finding out what you like working with best. ;o) I use 200 gsm paper myself (110 lbs index cardstock in the US or so I'm told) but other people like using 120 gsm-160 gsm, which is a bit thinner (and less expensive ;o)

Sorry that I can't really give you any definitive answers, but once you've built some models, I'm sure you will get a feeling for what works best for your situation. Have fun building!
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Yeah people at the office type stores near me look at me funny when I am like hey, I need some A4 sized paper. I then explain to them what it is and they are like huh? Metric system? What's that? LOL.

Just figured you might have a definitive source heh. I will take a look around. And yeah I was more just worried about shrinking part and ruining the model due to that.
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Not really I'm afraid... I'm fortunate enough that the stores nearby have all the supplies I need, but I'm not really up to date about what kind of supplies shops elsewhere carry of course. ;o)

It's possible to get A4 cardstock in the US, but I guess you have to have a bit of luck that the store people know what they're talking about...

I guess you have to decide what's more convenient to you: sticking to US letter paper, or try to educate them? ;o)
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... can't find the words to discribe this...
dude you really are good in this stuff
i wish i was that good
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From a distance, they all look good haha...! But really, if you take your time and take a break whenever you don't feel like papercrafting for a while anymore, you'd be surprised of the paper models you can build! ;o)
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haha dang thats amazing man
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Thanks, I should try and make a new picture with my new models some time... ;o)
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.... *secretly steals your collection while you look away* .... :paranoid:..... Lol awesome :D
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It's actually an old picture, there are quite a few new ones. I just don't have the will to collect them all together again for a groupshot, sigh... ;o)
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