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Majora's Mask Link papercraft

My Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask young Link paper model. You can download the templates and instructions to build your own from my website at
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I made this, and it is in a case on my bookshelf. People love it. Thanks!
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I'm glad you like it, it's one of my favourites too. ;o)
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Cool! I posted about them on my papercraft weblog today:…

For the Classic space guys, the helmet isn't exact right one of course, but I don't know if/when I will ever make a classic helmet too, sorry... :o( But I think for the paper model, it's okay to use the "modern" helmet. And for the Blacktron I guy, the helmet is perfect, with the black visor! ;o)

The only comment I have, is that I didn't find any files for the yellow and green versions in the Super Space Pack...? Maybe it was a corrupted download for me (I haven't tried again) but maybe you can check it? Sometimes I put the wrong files in the ZIP file too, it's an easy mistake to make if you have to ZIP so many files ;o)

Thanks again for showing me your recolours!
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OMG I couldn't do this without folding lines ;)

amazing! :O
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It takes a little bit more time to build the lineless version, but if you're careful enough to compare it with the version with lines, you can work out where you need to score and fold it, and then it's basically the same of course. ;o)

But I saw the lined version in your gallery, and I think it looks pretty good too! I think it kinda makes him look extra "cartoonish", which fits him very well!
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I'm glad you like it! ;o)
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i wanna do paper craft! where do i get it?
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There are lots of papercraft sites nowadays: you can simply use Google to find a lot of paper models, or you can check out sites like [link] that update with links to new models daily.

You can download the parts and instructions to build my own models on my papercraft webpage [link]

Majora's Mask Link is in the Zelda section of course, and my own links collection to all kinds of papercraft sites can be found here: [link]

Have fun building!
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Done, thanks for the template! ^^

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Thanks for building it! ;o) I hope you had fun!
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Yes I did, thanks for the template! ^^
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I need to do this, actually I love papercraft thanks to you ^^
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No problem, I enjoy making these, and it's nice to hear you like them! ;o)
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HOLY SHIT!! The blocky look is just like N64 graphics!! XD im half expecting him to start running around and start slashing his sword
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Haha, I'm glad you like it!

Especially on paper models from "older" videogames, it's fun to make crisp folds by scoring the fold lines first, so you get that same "polygonal" look from the videogame itself. ;o)
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wow... im going on your website and im gonna try to do this papercraft :)
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Have fun building! ;o)
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ty :D im doing majora's mask now and so far its comin out good :)
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I could never belive that was made of paper!
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