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The Wingless Dragon

*i just realised she has no bra D:

I did it for the "super speedpainting funtimes" group on facebook - topic "scaled beast", although i went over 50mins limit... 1h 30mins ;_;
i got carried away 'orz




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In true Darksouls fashion I shall say...

" Beware Dragon, even a tiny foe is very deadly. " :XD:
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Does she need a bra?
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That drake is 13 years old in drake years, and now he has become a man
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this is absolutely beautiful!
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Is Sublime!!
Love it. It's like you read my mind and painted it. (Weird eh).
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Huh. That's quite an unusual creature  design. I get that it's a Dragon without wings in principle but it's an interesting combination of creature forms. It's low lithe form is almost comforting in this pose.
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No bra and no innards according to her waist... but it's a damn nice picture anyways!
As always.
dude u draw fast, my fastest painting is 4 hours and I suck ass compared to you
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This looks like the dragon from malificent sorta :O
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You know how some women have the sexual fantasy of the uber sexy pool-guy showing up with his shirt off? This is the dragon's equivalent of that.
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Unless she just woke up and has no time to put on clothes, then I must point out that she is being very impractical for fighting a dragon. I'm seriously betting on the dragon winning; she has no form of protection whatsoever! It's great artwork, though. :)
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cant believe this took only 90 minutes :O amazing work, i love it!
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That dragon be looking at her funny XD
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Better without the bra. I mean seriously who has time for clothes when you're dealing with a dragon?
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Who has time to take one off when dealing with a Dragon xD?
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It looks more like a scaled wingless gryphon to me, which is actually cooler..
Damn son, you're really good at this!
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