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Ruined Ship

Random concept as always...

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Wow, everything you do is stunning, right down to the smallest details.

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Have you ever played the Witcher II? Your sketch fits a place in there in act II incredibly well! *_*
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Sometimes I wish life would be like Skyrim or The Lord of the Rings so we could bear witness to stuff like this. Or even if we lived in the world of your pics. :D
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aww that's amazing :3
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wow really that's all I can say.... wow
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Love the detail
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This is soo perfect :3
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This looks like that old ship on the mountain in p.o.c. On stranger tides it's amazing truly 
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That is one cool ship! Reminds me of one of my favorite childhood stories.
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Found this through Stumbleupon. Very awesome!
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idk why, but this reminds me of Tarzan & the abandoned tree house...
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This is awe-inspiring... Worship 
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As a Fantasy I actually like Bluegoggles idea below about it having been a flying ship and crashed there. Oh the possibilities!! Great great job and thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:
Realistically, there would have had to be a massive geomorphic event (such as the emptying of a deep river valley) for this ship to be resting as it is...or the ship was a flying one.  But all that aside, I do enjoy the fantastical nature of "the great discovery".  Well done. 
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most interestingly inpressively well done!
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Marvelous! Reminds a bit The Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Great work!
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Awesome work, good sense of decay to the ship!
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This is gorgeous, I love the green. It's so wild and lonely feeling, really like an abandoned wrecked ship.
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i drew something a bit like this a while ago apart from it was in a forest lol (: urs is better (: 
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Gorgeous! So lovely! 
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