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... A speed paint of my OC King <:

been slacking today, i should be doin' uni works D:

anyway enjoy!

Sketchblog: [link]
Download for fullsize <:

Art © Kirk Quilaquil
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I love his tatoos and hair. Awesome! :shakefist:
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He looks like Murdoc to me.
Nice pic, like him.
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I totally love him :meow: 
Is soooooo sexy :heart:
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Amazing!!!! wow!!!!! :love:
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The awesomeness it burnsss!!!!!!!!!1
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My goodness! You're art is fabulous! >< I hope to become good like this someday!!
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You have no idea how long I was searching for this! And for you! - Well, this sounds weird, let me explain. xD

One day I saw this pic on a Polish site (something like 9GAG) and, of course - without a source, description, anything. :/ I was searching for it and especially, for it's author via google, even here, on dA - but without success. And sadly, I couldn't decode your signature either. xD And today, suddenly - I saw your General Iroh fanart, check out your Tumblr - and then I saw a sketch of this one!:la:

Excuse my enthusiasm - but I really wanted to fave it properly and tell you that you are a great artist and that I love everything about this picture!
And not only this - now, when I saw the rest of your gallery - I can say that about every single deviation you submitted here.
Keep uo the great work!
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this guy looks so awesome! :)
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This looks like a friend of mine! (Minus the cross tatt)

love :)
Shadowhunter625's avatar a BOSS!
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nice character !
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omg... es tan, tan sexy! creo que estoy enamorada!
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LOVE IT!!! I probably commented on this picture before, but I'm going through my favorites right now :P I wanted to share this w/ a friend on tumblr, but you don't have a water mark that I can see, so I feel like I'd just be asking the scary people of the internet to steal your art work by my posting it -.-
Keep up the awesome skill, and add a watermark! lol
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awesome *3*'
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That pose is so hot :iconnosebleedingplz:
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he's pretty cool this guy :D
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0_0 ............... :+favlove:

Wow! This is amazing! & it's a speed panting....just stunning.

...& ddddddddddddddAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaam is he sexy ;D
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Dude, ur awesome... a real ninja. Loved the details on the guitar, and loved the hat.

P.S: Gee, people sayin he looks like Murdoc... not true u_u
To me, he looks like syn, from a7x. One more reason to love it.
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This is awesome, really like the pose, and that's one sexy character.
Love it!
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