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August 19, 2009
Only For You... by =Ninjatic
Featured by OneFreeInternet
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Only For You...

... No one else...

can't think of anything to say... >_o
well, just a quicky... i'm still fighting with this art blockage grrr.
ewwww i don't feel so good *cough*,
and college projects is killing me D:

anyway enjoy for now, at least i've done one XD


Thanks for the DD!... ^_^ <3

Art © Kirk Quilaquil
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LovablyAwkward's avatar
Balloons are such a fun little symbol of friendship and kindness!
Silkythecat's avatar
Cute! Bookmark size too. Very good.
FoxxyLover's avatar
So cute! It kind of looks like the Bad Robot from the "Bad Robot" productions logo, the kind director J.J. Abrams is associated with.
this is so sweet! <3
ChaosHammer's avatar
That is the single cutest robot I have ever seen......But overall, this is a beautiful scene. Amazing job!
burningrage8-13's avatar
Aww!!! That's cute!!!
kolson98's avatar
OMG so kawaii!
Elena15's avatar
You maked me almost to cry of watching this :'( awwww~ T_T
Napst3rs's avatar
love the concept..
CarmenBezombe's avatar
This one is SO lovely!!! That little robot's face just made me wanna cry TwT
Fell4's avatar
Awww! This is so cute! I love it~
bellekiss9's avatar
it reminds me of a really sad anime series named clannad :'(
AdenDiction's avatar
daaaaaawwwww!!!!!! that's all kinds of cute.
PutOnTheAnime's avatar
i'm sure that i have already commented on this but i realllllly like this on...pffft i love ALL your work. but i have this thing for robots and this is just wonderful. putting how i feel into to words is had so this is the best i can do >.<
MLPhistorian's avatar
you made the lil robot happy since he had a boo-boo on his eye :3

xXAnaCaroXx's avatar
best draw evaarr!!!
radonvalley's avatar
i love which subjects you choose to surround with negative space. i also enjoy your use of negative space in general. good work :)
FloofyButto3o's avatar
If you love your mum send this to 20 people, one girl ignored this and her mum died 365 days later. Sorry i can't ignore
lovelymisa-chu's avatar
It's an adorable piece XD
lovelymisa-chu's avatar
It's an adorable piece XD
ZephyrTheKid's avatar
Calmly provoking :)
ladytronsragdoll's avatar
So cool, so very cool. :boogie:

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