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Moon Essence

My ancient art trade with :iconsanguisgelidus: "OTL ^^;
My take on his Night Bringer: [link]

Artblog: [link]
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im going to hang this in my bedroom, i love this painting.
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Hello! ^^
I saw your illustration being featured on Adrian von Ziegler song composed by him (… ) and I used your illustration on my daily challenge UI, because it inspired me to design a music player (… ) ^^. I did mention you both on the description of my shot on Dribbble because I really appreciate you both for the hard work you're doing!

Keep on creating amazing things! ^^

If there is any problem featuring your illustration in my design, please let me know ! ^^
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I love it! i totally fell in love with this piece
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Hey! I saw this on tumblr and it took my breath away. All of your work is amazing! Keep it up!
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Wonderful picture Heart 
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oh man... I just saw this now! Sorry for replying so late! This is awesome! :heart: So beautiful! I wish I had seen this earlier! I just returned from my 2 years mission journey! Thanks for this nice surprise! :heart:
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Oh wow, haha i forgot you went away for 2 years… welcome back man!
and thanks, glad you liked it. Oh gosh, this is such an old art haha
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Haha I know right... XD Sorry this came so late ^^ But it really is amazing! Have to draw something for you at some point :D
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awww, that'd be an honour man… hope everything is well for you, and welcome back to art! : )
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awesome! It reminds me of the mononoke princess xDD (a ghibli movie)
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I love that light! :)
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I absolutely love it! [And Hiyao Miyazaki works]
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So beautifully done.
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Wasn't this a scene in Princess Mononoke?
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What can I say except "Beautiful"? *..*
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