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Misty Mountains

By Ninjatic
Done between commissions... random concept blah *nothing to do with the Hobbit or Skyrim!

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"Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River.
Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze.
Country roads, take me home to the place I belong.
West Virginia, mountain momma, take me home, country roads."
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*ignores the "nothing to do with Hobbit" thing*
Far overrr... the Misty Mountains cooolldd...
Still cool looking mountains even if it has nothing to do with Tolkien's work  :)
Hi may I use this for a video on a Hobbit cover? xD I will credit you with a link (:
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beautiful and majestic scene... great work.
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Amazing gallery!!!!
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Wow! This is amazing! I love the earth-y colours.
You've been featured here! :)
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looks awesome, I love it....
but I thought there were no dragons in the misty mountains....
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Hey there, I run a pop culture blog and I was wondering if I could use this piece as a "cover" over one of my posts? I'll show you when I'm done if you'd like.
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Loving the dragons, the whole things is really very beautiful.
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The one on the left looks like Toothless!!!
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XD Ah crap, and I was gonna leave a Skyrim comment. Why not.
"In their tongue, they called him Dovakiin. DRAGONBORN!"

:D Nah, but that mist in the background is beautifully done. 
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Amazing feels! hope ı had your skills
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this is really amazing !!
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I love this so much.  Very inspiring.  
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Great piece, love the lighting. Nice mood and composition.
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nice color palette and mist effect, love it :3
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I love the landscapes you create. The feeling of freedom... Great Work!  :D
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