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*you can now download for a bigger version.

forgot to upload this, it's an old one... this was done after watching the first sneak peek of LoK before... i made her hair a bit longer here Dx
i'll draw a better one, maybe more boyish pose/stance.
i feel like she's quite feminine here. oh well, it's an old one anyway.

Artblog: [link]
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Great job. Got some good shading and coloring, and the details on the water and hair are really great.
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How am I seeing this just now? Where were I before? This is so good!!!Love 
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Awesome !! Everything is so soft, fluid (a lot of natural) I do not know how to saying this in English. It's really magnificent !! <3
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Is this is Avatar thing? Sry im new to the manga
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Yes this is Avatar, this is Korra from the show and comic The Legend of Korra.
Amazing! If it is okay with you, could I use this image in a Youtube video about waterbending? I would credit you in the video description.
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sure, as long as there's credit. : )
Thank you! I put your credit in the video description. :)
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I love this piece!
Someone showed me where this picture came from ! Thank you very much. I painted this for my husband's birthday and displayed it on my gallery online but didn't know who to credit. I added your name and link. Great Job on this!! 
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Water... it into in all ways. ^^
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So cool! The water effect is really well done
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This is amazing!! What application did you use??
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this is incredible, LOVE IT :D
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I remember seeing this on the ATLA Wiki. Really amazing work !
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I keep seeing this on the ATLA wikipedia page. 
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Really nice colors and lighting :D
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hehe new wallpaper  XD
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had this as my wallpaper for soooooooo long love it so much :D
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