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Hands Reference II

I was gonna upload this yesterday, but
i went out shoppin' haha : ))

and i'm so skint :'{

hope you guys had a great christmas! <3

anyway, just a bunch of hands reference doodles
hope this will help too : ))
some of them are requested by some people xD
i've actually doodled more of this... but
my photoshop crashed, and deleted some of it D:
oh well ><"

anyway, the first one:

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Nice tutorial brother-lady
Dying-At-Dawn's avatar
Cheese! Omg that was my childhood show
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Yay, these references of sword and gun will be really helpful! :happybounce: 
Thanks a lot! Hug Heart 
SkylarYozora's avatar
Helpful, thank you so much!
Aleryss's avatar
Thanks so much for the reference! 
Used as an example for one of the hands here:…
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I use to hate drawing hands years ago.
Except one year, I got tired of hating them.
So I took time and practice drawing.
I practiced drawing hands for a month or so.
and now. I love hands, I find them so beautiful.
Or I guess, like Cheese, mouth watering.
joking. joking.
but i do love drawing hands.
I hope to get as good as you though.

I also hope to be able to like drawing feet.
cause i hate feet. I suck at drawing feet, toes.
Sometimes, I don't even draw toes. just, blobs of toe-less feet.
I love drawing legs. But I CANT draw the rest.
I can't draw them, but I also just, hate hate hate feet.
I sadly find them gross.
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I suppose not being able to draw something you hate ain't that bad. Somewhere out there, there's a poor kid with a foot fetish who's a god at drawing hands and only hands. 

On that note, back to practice... 
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cheese!! haven't seen the little weirdo in years man.
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thanks for the input ! Anyway , if you could upload something about textures in ink would appreciate it very much ( no color)
A-Vitifolia's avatar
0//A//0 How are you so good at this.. Thanks by the way. Its really helpful !! :D
Rimaworkshop's avatar
that's very helpful, thank yousovery much :)
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I-I can't get over of how fluent your lines are...Me gusta Bonnie and Kim hugging amazing.
Choulaphone's avatar
Thank you very much
ottogentil's avatar
tolkienandtea's avatar
great references!
shadowzabimaru's avatar
god these are great
VioletDeathblood's avatar
You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hetalia-Style's avatar
Cheese wow. Just. wow.
BreeNC's avatar
Helped me practice.
ilovescourgea's avatar
Cheese! XD also awesome work!
SKUNK412's avatar
Wow, thank this is very helpful. :)
S7alker117's avatar
Wow, this is amazing!

Instant fav! :)
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CHEEESE!!! That made my day. :D
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