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By Ninjatic
since i've been doing a lot of fanarts lately
i decided to make something different ^^

im not really good at animals -_-
that's why you don't see me draw animals/creature a lot
coz i hardly draw them :/ "orz
i don't know about the design i was just messing
around in photoshop ahaha...
inspired by sandara's technique <3
*off to work on commish*

enjoy! ^_^

Garugha/Art © Kirk Quilaquil
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spiritImmortalLisa's avatar
awesome and beauty, ^__^
Felrain's avatar
Emraldal's avatar
well, your messing around and ''not being good at drawing animals'' is really working for you !
molly14560's avatar
Great details fantastic work
Kalkanir's avatar
I want one!!! where can i get one!!!

That's freaking awesome
MiniMeRaven's avatar
this is really badass
JeehDarkat's avatar
i love the feirceness
Viewer-17's avatar
That's so awesome! :D
soliea0death's avatar
*one long whistle*.........incredible.......what else can I say?
Mountancider's avatar
O_o.......freakin awesome.....:DDD
Lillith72's avatar
Omg. It's so adorable!! <3 This is so amazing! I want one as a pet!!
PaintStrip's avatar
This is absolutly stunning i love what you did with the tale..legs/shoulders really fantastic
aspiringauthor20's avatar
That is awesome. No other words for it. So wish I could do something like this :O
Khirate's avatar
You make me cry on the inside because I will never be as talented as you...but on the outside I can't close my mouth or blink because I am so amazed.
MaverickDarkred's avatar
Very stunning wolf drawing!
Fell4's avatar
Woah! Coolio~
lucifeepansy's avatar
this is ... so.. brilliant...
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