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FF7 - Sephiroth

By Ninjatic
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sigh, i was gonna do some originals, but somehow he came out -_-"... i hate it when that happens >< oh well.

im not really a fan of FF or Sephiroth, but i like how this turned out ^^
i don't know, i just like adding some blossom thar XD
i know it doesn't really fit i might change it to something :/

anyway, enjoy those FF fans out there lol <3!

Sephiroth © Final Fantasy 7 © Square Enix
Art © Kirk Quilaquil
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May I use this picture for a story?
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I love it.  I love the flower petals spilling out of his hands.  It's almost as though he's saying, "This is all that's left of her..."  It's darkly beautiful, and you've made many Seph fangirls (including me of course) very happy! ♥♥♥
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My ovaries just exploded!
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For some reason, white long hairs are so cool!
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Yes, very much enjoying Sephiroth! Glad you made him!
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Beautiful work...colors are great, his hair is fantastic, eyes/face smoldering!
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jaw drop amazing @__@
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Materia flower for his lover.... ;)
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Very nice. I know that at first the blossoms don't seem to fit but they really do. It's like he's holding someones dreams/wishes in his hand and watching as they all fly away. The sword looks fantastic and it's held at a good angle. His eyes are very calculating and cold which makes it a good offset for the glow around him. An instant fave. Thank you for sharing this.
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sephiroooooth!!!! WHAT A BAMF!!!!
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DUDE. Love this. He looks so menacing. The turquoise aura he has makes me think of all the Mako and JENOVA cells that make him are just radiating power like it's their job. Love the feel of this.

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The pink petals are clever :iconclapplz:
I don't like :music:SE-PER-OOOTH:music: but this painting is wicked bad ass

To the promised land!
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awesome job your art is really good!!!
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It looks like Batsuga (I have no idea if thats how you spell his name) from bleach, just with way logger hair. His sword's a blossom thing too. Google him. He's Rukia's brother.
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So dramatic and pretty! You captured that Sephirothyness very well. And I actually like the petals very much, it's a variation on the usual feathers. The colours are lovely.
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Sometimes when I realy thnk about it...... Sephiroth is all like...........

RAWR! LOOK AT ME! I HAVE A REALLY LONG SWORD! (And somtimes) GRRR! Look at me! I have one wing! RAWR! (And maybe even) OOO! I'm so bad ass because I have long silver hair! AND YOU DONT! HA!

I seriously think that sometimes..............

Other then that, I love the way you drew him! XD

(Pink petals? Has Sephiroth been handing out with Marluxia again? :P I kid! I kid!)
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omg ths is so amazingly well done
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