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Esteemed - Resisting Arrest

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A commission for :icondestiny-smasher:'s Avatar story and art project, 'Esteemed.' This image depicts Chief of Police Toph Beifong enjoying a certain kind of dark pleasure from wrangling in some violent thieves attempting to escape arrest.

The full art gallery for this project can be found at the DA group #Esteemed-Beifongs [link] or at the project's Facebook page here: [link] A sample of this story can be read here: [link]

Artwork done by: Ninjatic

Artblog: [link]
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I Willingly Block Her way, and i get preparad for a Fight with she.
We being our fight...under this fight i have no chance to win but i try raise her anger than she get full-angered i enjoy every little pain, every injures of my body every bonebreaking.
Than i falling to the ground, while i crawling on my back she walk to my head and lift up her legs and  i realize she will trample me to death, i barely see her face i watching her eyes and i know there are no mery for spare me. I prepare my die and i very proud to my agony becouse i am very happy to this great and awesome girl will kill me. The last thing i can see its her nice sole.
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afega2000Hobbyist General Artist
Metal... and blood. XD
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JOlanouilleHobbyist General Artist
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Sapphire-KittyStudent Digital Artist
You really nailed the look! I especially like the mouth
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GentlemanOrdoHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! This sums up her personality perfectly!
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KTKokaQHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, Chief Beifong, just how I always picture her! Excellent job!
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MIKE00009Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really great image of Toph as chief Beifong. The LOK series only had her as an adult in few flashbacks, so a lot was left to the imagination. Your image perfectly captures what she would have been like as the Chief of Police. Fantastic work, you did a really great job with this.
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I love it! :D
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boxinggirls12Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very good detail on Toph.
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ersheldHobbyist Digital Artist
Your art has been stolen at the following link. :c…
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AquaDragonDavaninHobbyist General Artist
that is awesome ^^
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I love TophHeart

Great Art!
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beautiful :)

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HeathenFrisianHobbyist Artisan Crafter
This just in - Beifong's a fuckin' badass!
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red-mohawkStudent General Artist
I just imagined the speaker saying that. lol!
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HeathenFrisianHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thats how it sounded when I thought it, lol
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RetSamysHobbyist General Artist
Just... so good. I would love to see more of her in the series!
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Destiny-SmasherHobbyist Writer
There's more art from this series that can be found here. It's a fanfiction series that is complimented by artwork like this one:…
There's also a FB page and a DA group for this series. You can see some sample artworks and read an introduction to the series, with related links, over here: saint-roku-university.tumblr.c…

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AmongTheFirstHobbyist Photographer
I bet those thieves are going to regret they did that to Toph
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Endless-NessStudent Filmographer
That looks so nice :love: Great work!
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artfreaksueStudent General Artist
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Destiny-SmasherHobbyist Writer
Thanks once again for your hard work on this piece for me.
I recently made a personal print of this image to hang on my door to help remind me of my motivation to write the story this art was drawn up for. ;)

I am glad that this picture has been able to bring joy to many folks and am very glad I commissioned this from you!

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NinjaticProfessional Digital Artist
i'm honoured to be part of your project, and i'd love to see the print image of this ^^;
and again, thanks to you too :  )

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Destiny-SmasherHobbyist Writer
Sure. My camera won't make it look very good, BUT...Here is a closeup of the print on my door, and then a look at the entire door. It's not super big, but the original filesize is not very big, either, so I printed it as large as I could. If you have a true HD file, I don't think it was ever sent to me but I would certainly love to eventually have a larger version of it if possible. Like SRU, I intend to collect prints of what I commission for Esteemed. :)
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