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i uploaded this on tumblr a while ago...
it's one of those late night painting before going to bed, about 2 hours
thought i'd do nature : )




Facebook: https/…

(For a freelance work):

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I like the energy in this, the confident swipes of the brush.

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This is so beautiful and relaxing to look into, currently listening to a meditative video and finding all of this beautiful fantasy art on here, beautiful site, with some of the most thought provocative (in a good way) art in the world.

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Vraiment splendide ! ^^
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Soothing for the eye. Relaxing, calming and bringing good feelings right through the screen.
I wish I could do something like that, even if it took much longer. I see you're a professional artists, so I guess it comes, one day, after a lot of practice?
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Great Art !
Congratulations !
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This is so BEAUTIFUL I love the way you did water!
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With granted permission, would you allow me to use this as a background for a 'room' on a site called Chatlands? All credit will go directly to you. The picture will not be modded, used commercially or open for the public use. It will be a background for chat avatars to move around on. It will not be sold/etc and no profit will be made from using it.
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This is very impressive and beautiful work! :wow:
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awesome draw.......... good work... 
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Very beautiful! The detail is impeccable !
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2 hours .. :/ long way to go for me to achieve that kind of speed. really awesome!
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your background artworks get better with every piece, I swear!
I love this one so much, and I cant believe you did it in 2 hours? You have amazing talent, I'm jealous haha
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This is so beautiful.
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Has quite a limp feeling with such languorous forms
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Lovely serene scenery, well illustrated.
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Great work! Love waterfalls. More more!
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Those logs going across the stream remind me of every hiking trip ever lol.  Lovely work!:D (Big Grin) 
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I can hear the water falling ,I can smell the forest this picture is so real .
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