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Black Swan

went. saw. loved it.

nuff said.

**PLEASE don't watch this movie with your parents. oh gawd no!

the sketch was done before i went to cinema
then decided to colour it after seeing the film xD

Sketchblog - [link]

Black Swan © Darren Aronofsky
Art © Kirk Quilaquil
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I may not have watched the movie yet, but I can definitely say that this is a beautiful piece of work. Well done, Ninjatic!

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Didnt know how sexual this movie got and was glad that i watched this alone late at night cuz it would have been awkward to have my lil seven year old friend with me lol 
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That scene was DOPE. One thing though is that even her own thighs turn black during the transformation. Oh, and what bothered me a lot was the weird breathing sounds during that scene :/
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It's only one or two scenes that would make you think twice about watching this with your folks
P.S. her friggin red eyes *shudders*
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Wow, what a dynamic pic! She looks like a comic book villainess here, which is awesome. Love the way you incorporated the cracked face/mask look from the DVD cover.
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You are a brilliant artist and this is amazing art. Skills!
BUT, I came across this image through a Facebook post without any credit to you, and found your Deviant art through Google. 
If this bothers you that no one acknowledges your hard work, please put a signature or something to stop people taking advantage. 
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As a dancer in a full time program I feel like I should never go see this movie....
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hiya mate, some guy ripped your work and didn't even credit you for this... [link] , he got other designers too but i can't find all of them.
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Were you aware of this? [link]
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saw it...and I was annoyed about the end. :/
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I saw it! It was creepy, scary and I loved she got wings. Only that !
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optimum!!!!!!!! it's perfect to me :)
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So dynamic...
And her Eyes are awesome...
Love it!
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That movie creeped the shit out of me. :iconscaredplz:
It was just a total mindrape. I totally thought she killed that Mina(or whatever her name was) girl and when she came backstage I was like: "SHE'S ALIVE??! BUT SHE JUST GOT STABBED! HER BLOOD WAS LEAKING FROM THE BATHROOM!!"
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This is so amazeing!
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Beautiful composition ! Very dynamic ! I love this movie ! I watched it with my parents and there wasn't any problem at all... ;)
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