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Autumn Stream

Another autumn scenery ^^;, random concept just for fun.

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Hi, i was wondering if i could use this art for a banner on a page called Animal Jam Clans Wiki? (…) i'll be giving credits and will be putting a link leading to your profile.
It's fine if i'm not allowed to use it. 

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wonderful artwork- pls.visit my group....and if you like it,I invite you to join us...and the new contest-this is for you AWARD by yokoky -free use by YOKOKY  and here is my  group:iconcrazyasmyart:CRAZYasmyart 
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That is awesome.
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excellent idea and style
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Whish it was avaliable as print Sad Emote ... I love it way too much..~
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Are we allowed to use this as a background for a 'room' on a site called Chatlands? All credit will go directly to you. The picture will not be modded, used commercially or open for the public use. It will be a background for chat avatars to move around on. It will not be sold/etc and no profit will be made from using it. (Permissions extend to all art except ones you specifically deny me permission to use. I will comment on each one I use if permission is granted)

This is so beautiful.
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This reminds me of a long story I'm currently writing. Except for the width of the steps, it looks very similar to what's going on inside my head. Thanks for making it even more real for me.
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I love autumn and this is just so tranquil ..the oranges rich and warm,...yes I'd take a seat right on that log overlooking the stream  xD
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Simply amazing!!
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this looks like the best place to sit and read or draw. so tranquil Clap Clap Clap :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Beautiful Textures!
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Your work is AMAZING!!!
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I envy you ;(  i wish i could draw like that !
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how long do concepts take you on average?
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depending on the complexity of the piece, but usually around 4-8 hours, and can go up to days or a week if i want to polish it a bit more.
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Great landscape
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I would love to get lost along that path...
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I love this painting! It's so beautiful and just draws you in. I want to take a walk down this path to see where it leads me.
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Reminds me of landscapes in the game Fable or something! Awesome job, i love each and everyone of your landscapes <33 there's so magnificent and familiar to me. I can also pick out so many of the little details you cover each with 
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this is so beautiful
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This artwork... it reminds me of running all through the portion of the Appalachian mountains within five miles of my grandpa's hunting cabin, following the narrow streams and occasionally startling a deer... it makes me want to explore, be ten years old again and running through the wilderness...

You have such talent.

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