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A part of my personal website is up for the public at (none of the links work yet, only the main page works.)

It's still under development but lately I've started playing WoW again, so not so much time over for playing around with the site. Still playing around with how I should structure the site so it's an enjoyable yet clean site.

The site will be in both English and Swedish (mostly in English for now, some things are Swedish but don't worry about that. :P But if you really want to know what the Swedish things means, google translator is your best friend.. well it's somewhat accurate. :D)

BUT! I would like to hear what you guys/girls think of the site so far.

All criticisms and comments are welcome - the only way to improve!
I has them nao.

(finally I can see people at long distances..)
I said in my last journal that I would put info about the thing I'm working on right now, but I guess I have to wait for that for the next journal entry. :P

I just came to think about some old stuff I've done, websites! (for myself & friends, not for any company)

I hope it can give some inspiration for those looking for it.. anyway, enjoy.

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Hi and merry x-mas!

I would just like to say some words that's happen during the year of 2009.

I started the year by grabbing hold of my future career by going to school again (I was a dropout) and study and improve my grades for the education I want to come in on. While the first half of the year I started going to gym too (I'm a skinny guy) and wanted to put some weight and muscles on me. And after a few months I met my current girlfriend, who I love very much! She is my second girlfriend, but she feels like she is my first. The first probably just used me as a rebound-guy (not sure what you call it). But anyway, my current girlfriend found me through the internet and we like the same stuff. Which I think is really great having to share stuff with each other!

Second half of the year I went to school again but during this time I somewhat got very tired and still are very tired. I'm not sure why but it's probably because of my computer usage. >.<

But the year 2010 is the year of promises! I promise I will get a hold of school and make it so I can get into my future education to become what I want to become.

Also there's some other promises I want to make (some are not only restricted to year 2010);
-Believe in myself, have better confidence about what I do and in my dreams.
-Be a better boyfriend & person.
-Try to be able to draw. (At least the characters in the story)
-Make a project to create a story about 2 main character. (Male name chosen, female isn't. Also I will update this in another journal.)
-Try creating a game via UDK and somewhat be able to cooperate the story with the game. (Unreal Development Kit,
-Buy a new computer. (Hopefully and use the old one for server purposes)
-Buy a domain so I can make my own site. (Name still not chosen, have some ideas though)
-Build a homepage for myself.
-Learn C++/PHP/Other scripting languages. (already know some PHP, but cannot rely without references)
-Complete my "Forum-banner-so-people-can-see-what-I-like" signature in Flash. (Had some great ideas for it)
-Become better at keeping contact with my friends.
-Start at the gym again when I find the motivation.
-Learn Japanese.
-Have a birthday party for myself and invite my friends. (Usually only been me and my family and a few friends.)
-Hopefully be an inspiration to others.
-Hopefully piercing my right eyebrow and maybe get some tattoos I have in my mind on my body.

Also so you know some of my personality, I think the glass is half empty.
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Dammit! I WANT do create SOMETHING!

I want to create a unique story that's never been heard before. Something I can somewhat draw or make a comic of, and maybe make a small game/mod from the story.

With that I want to create:
Items > Weapons, shields etc
World map > Forest, Swamp, Sea, Mountains etc

But everything I come up with is already created. I mean, who wants to play another Zombie mod for example..

If I just had the gift to be able to draw somewhat beautiful. :iconsweatdropplz::icongivingupplz:
I played console (NES & SNES) on the TV when I was young, that got me hooked up on games. But mostly thanks to Zelda/Link games. I absolutely love the games! My favorite game is still (and always will be) Zelda: Link to the Past.

I feel sad I cannot find my old SNES console, but I have the game on my GBA.

Whenever I play the game, I remember when I played it on my SNES console.. Good times.
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I'm thinking of making MJ's "Beat it" dance in TF2 using model animations. I've had this idea for about a week or so. Since I love MJ and his music, I wanted to make a tribute, but didn't know about what or how.

Well atleast this is an idea. I have to check some tutorials on animating models in TF2. :)

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I have had an idea ever since I started making maps with VALVe's SDK...

I live in a small city called Höör in Scania/Sweden. Why not make a map of the city I live in! And a few days ago I got the idea, why not make the city I live in.. a zombie infested city!?

I also want to create two maps of the city, one before the infection (The Sun shines and it's midday and maybe in some dark spots in the town, there will be some zombies) and one after (The Moon shines and it's midnight, lots of zombies are on the streets).

Not really sure how the map itself will play out, because it's a city, you can go everywhere! However it will be a big city to make in Hammer and I don't think I will be able to make all in one map, but I will think about how I will work that out. I have to brainstorm about that.

And probably the only apartment that will look exactly like it does in real life, is my own apartment. But I will see what I can come up with, because I want to make this map look like it does in real life.


Or I will make a map of a smaller city where two of my best friends live in, Tjörnarp, outside the city I live in.

Also I will be using google maps/google earth mostly.. and the pictures of Tjörnarp seems better than those of Höör. And half of the pictures of Höör is messed up, don't know why. :/




As always, all comments/criticism are welcome.

PS. I don't really know if I should posting this here, but I don't have a blog or anything like that..

EDIT: I probably won't make a map since it's too much work and require lots of work getting all the buildings and roads right.. :(